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A Menu of Central Europe’s Essential Eats

by Liz Deslauriers

May 25, 2023

3 minute read

Meals are so often the highlight of a trip. Besides the basic need to eat, simply trying foods from countries and cultures other than one’s own satisfies another craving – for a connection to the places we travel. And so, when taking a tour through Central European countries, ample opportunities are on the table. Eat up every chance to experience the unique and overlapping cultures and traditions by tasting the staples of the region.

Across Central Europe, many traditional dishes are simple and hearty (and delicious). Meals built around meats and starches were once vital in the face of harsh winters. Across Germany and Austria, sausages are the name of the game. Rich cheeses and dairy-derived delicacies are the thing in Switzerland. Across this region, you’ll find the dessert game is on point.

What follows is a menu of items you may encounter over the course of a trip through Central and Eastern Europe. May your curiosity and cravings to sample each country’s cuisine serve you well!

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