South America vacations offer a tapestry of vivid destinations and unforgettable experiences. Enjoy renowned wine and incredible cuisine that’s bursting with an eclectic mix of flavors. Feel like a local when experiencing a blend of cultures as you uncover ancient customs and colonial European traditions. Find yourself immersed in inspiring landscapes on a South America trip, from spectacular glacial fiords to the majestic Andes Mountains.

Destination Must-See's

Buenos Aires:

The capital city of Argentina, birthplace of the tango, home to a mosaic of European-styled architecture and South American spirit, it’s nearly impossible not to fall head over heels in love with this very special place. It’s often called the “Paris of Latin America” and lives up to its name with incredible food, fantastic shopping, stunning architecture and culture galore.

Iguazu Falls:

Located at the crossroads of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, Iguazu Falls is thought of as the most beautiful waterfall in the world. The Brazilian side of the falls has a walkway along the canyon that allows visitors to go all the way out on an extension to the lower base of Devil’s Throat.

Machu Picchu:

A visit to one of the world’s most legendary sites is an absolute “must do” for anyone who travels to South America. High in the Andes Mountains in Peru with stunning panoramic views, this spectacular 15th century collection of structures and terraces will leave you awestruck.

Chilean Fjords:

An unforgettable full day cruise will bring you to visit the stunning Serrano and Balmaceda glaciers. As the cruise passes through the Seno Ultima Esperanza, or “Channel of Last Hope,” you’ll see the untouched beauty of Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, Chile’s biggest natural reserve.

Destination Must-Do's

Tango Performance, Buenos Aires:

Dance! The Tango is arguably one of the greatest contributions Buenos Aires has made to world culture. The famous dance has somewhat seedy beginnings, as you may expect, but today it’s ultra glamorous and very entertaining. Visitors can enjoy glitzy tango shows, but anyone inspired to perfect their moves can find a willing teacher in salons, cafes and at dance events.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro:

This is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world. To the left you can see Sugarloaf and Fort Duque de Caxias, and to the right is Copacabana Fort. Walk the 2.2-mile-long beach and try some of the refreshing coconut water while you view the incredible sand sculptures.

Lima, Peru:

Take a walking tour through the historic city center of Lima, Peru to discover the city’s fascinating history. The city center is one of the most important tourist destinations in all of Peru due to the number of historically significant landmarks.

Santiago, Chile:

Indulge in a visit to a local winery in Santiago and enjoy some lunch complete with a sampling of some of Chile’s renown cabernet and carmenere wines. An expert winemaker will tell you about how wine is made in Chile. Cheers!

Expert Advice


Paul Vieira

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As you prepare to explore beautiful South America, enjoy a casual dress style and be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes! Closed toed shoes are recommended, as many grounds are uneven or are dirt paths. Bring a swimsuit as several of the hotels have swimming pools.

You're in for a treat as you sample the delicious flavors of South American cuisine. The climate provides the area with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and meats to be sampled and savored.

Peru provides one of the greatest shopping experiences in all of South America with its diversity of products. You will find many handicraft markets as well as top end ceramic shops, art galleries, jewelry stores and clothing boutiques, particularly in Lima and Cuzco. The Andean heritage is still very alive in Peru. Look for colorful Andean textiles in the form of blankets, ponchos, shawls, and scarves.

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