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Imagine yourself waking up on a luxury junk boat as it drifts across Halong Bay in Vietnam. Or, maybe you’re in Yellowstone National Park, watching a herd of bison plow their way across the snowy landscape. You could be pulling into camp on the Serengeti Plain of Africa after a jeep safari.

These experiences, and so much more, are what define an Explorations tour.

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grab your camera,

learn a few phrases in a new language, and get ready to explore.

Explorations tours are for those who truly want to interact with the world around them. Engage with the culture on an intimate level, talking to locals and experiencing what life is like in a new and different corner of the globe. See incredible natural landscapes, architectural wonders, and historic landmarks that evoke a sense of awe. And do this all with exceptional access due to the small size of the tour group – with an average of 18 - you can see and do more.


Explorations tours are about doing more than just seeing the sights. What makes travel different is the ability to interact with the people you meet along the way, and seeing the world from a new perspective.

Sit down with a Moroccan family during lunch, and experience a new culture’s hospitality.

Shake hands with the Masai people during a visit to their village in Africa.

Raise a pint in a pub while you’re surrounded by traditional Irish folk musicians.

An Explorations tour is about the people you meet along your journey, not the things you see at the destination.


With much to do in this great wide world, Explorations tours are designed to maximize the adventure you have on tour.

Zip line through the rainforests of Costa Rica on the world’s longest zip line tour.

Watch for herds of bison and elk among the snowy landscapes of Yellowstone.

Haggle with local merchants in the ancient markets of Marrakesh, Morocco.

On an Explorations tour, adventure is around every corner, just waiting for you to come and seize the opportunity.


Exceptional tour sizes mean exceptional excursions and accommodations. With a limited number of slots available, an Explorations tour has access to unique places, and stay in unique and boutique accommodations.

Camp out on the Serengeti Plain in Africa after an open-air jeep safari.

Spend the night in a glass igloo, watching for the northern lights in Finland.

Sleep in a hotel made of salt bricks on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia.

Three Top Tours

The Northern Lights of Finland

8 days, 11 meals

Set off to explore Finland and go in search of the shimmering Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). One dynamic experience follows another on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure through Finland.

starting from


*per person,
land only,
double occupancy

Tour Details

Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana

14 days, 23 meals

South Africa's epic scenery, winding coastlines, remarkable cultural diversity and abundant wildlife come together in an incredible adventure.

starting from


*per person,
land only,
double occupancy

Tour Details

Icelandic Adventure

10 days, 13 meals

Ethereal lava fields, thundering waterfalls, and coastal villages await you when you set out to discover Iceland’s adventurous landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

starting from


*per person,
land only,
double occupancy

Tour Details


My Son Sanctuary in Vietnam is the longest inhabited archeological site in Indochina.

The reindeer in Finland pull short, low-to-the-snow toboggans called “pulks.”

The medieval Italian city of Siena holds an annual horse race through the Piazza del Campo.

Shibuya Crossing in the heart of Tokyo is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world.


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