There are many ways to experience the world.

Among Collette’s worldwide collection of tour itineraries we offer a variety of guided travel choices. No matter where (or how) you want to go, Collette can take you there.
  • Classic

    world class experiences at a great value

    The Collette collection of tours offers an inclusive look at a wealth of amazing destinations. From marveling at the must-see’s to becoming a part of new cultures to exploring on your own, these itineraries offer an inspiring and easy way to travel

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  • Explorations

    small groups. big experiences.

    With an average of 18 guests, these personal adventures focus on culinary experiences, cultural immersions and unique accommodations that capture the destination. Enjoy a new perspective on the world.

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  • Faith

    Collette’s collection of religious tours has been created with our faith-based travelers in mind. These inspiring travel experiences capture the reflective and humble surroundings of the world-famous spiritual places they visit.

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  • River Cruises
    River Cruises

    join us on the world’s most amazing rivers

    These itineraries feature small, intimate vessels for travel through a variety of beautiful waterways. Plus, when you step off your ship with a Tour Manager by your side, you’ll truly come to know the people and places along the river.

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  • Spotlights

    illuminate the world’s most remarkable destinations

    Explore and relax in the world’s most remarkable destinations during a single-hotel stay. Immerse yourself in the fanfare of a grand city or unwind in the timeless countryside.

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