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Travel with Heart

by Kristen Gilbert

July 09, 2018

3 minute read

One of the greatest things about travel is the openness of a world waiting to be discovered. As travelers explore new places, meet the locals, and participate in cultural experiences, immersion is becoming the key ingredient to fulfilling travel. Our team is hard at work ensuring that responsible and sustainable experiences are part of our global tour offerings. We are committed to making travel with Collette mutually beneficial to both the traveler and the community we visit.

Impact tours connect our travelers with locals for some light volunteering while we learn about our non-profit partners there who sustain these places and help communities. This deeper dive gives travelers a greater sense of understanding and commitment to the places we visit, where we hope to make a meaningful impact. We are always proud to support the non-profits that make such a difference in countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador and South Africa and through programs like this, we get to collaborate with the locals and nonprofits and work together.

What are Impact Tours?

Impact tours offer travelers an immersive experience that is in part a traditional tour exploring all the must-sees, but is also an opportunity to work with locals to volunteer in a community, while learning about the long-term work of partner non-profits. Travelers return home feeling not only relaxed, but with an increased sense of purpose and connectedness to the world.

What happens on an impact tour?

Guests on an impact tour can expect to do a variety of things depending on the destination and the needs of the people who live there. For example, Chris and Dottie, two of our most enthusiastic Impact Travelers, enjoyed an opportunity to see the sights in Ecuador, but also helped plant and harvest organic vegetables that would help feed an entire community. For more details on their trip, click here. For a different perspective, click here as Collette team member Kellie Peterson talks about her own experiences in Ecuador.

Other impact tours, such as an upcoming trip to South Africa will take guests on an open-air safari game drive in search of the "Big 5." Our South Africa tour package lets you explore the incredible Drakensberg Mountains and take in the luxurious mansions of Soweto (South West Township). Guests will also have lunch with the locals, enjoy a traditional "Boma" dinner, and so much more.

There's no shortage of sightseeing, but the other facet of an experience like this that has so many travelers flocking to Impact Tours is the opportunity to make a difference. In South Africa, for example, guests will spend a day working on educational projects with the children at Knysna Education Trust. They'll also have the opportunity to deliver Hippo Rollers to a local community and volunteer in Stellenbosch to help young people in need.

Impact tours are perfect for anyone who wishes to truly be immersed in a culture. Not only do you get to see a destination, but you also get to experience it in an impactful way.

Maybe we will see you in South Africa!

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