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Collette’s Online Travel
Requirements Resource

To best serve our guests and travel professionals when navigating the complex, ever-changing web of travel requirements today, Collette has partnered with CIBT to create an ‘all-in-one’ self-service online resource with relevant travel information right at your fingertips.

This tool is continually updated with the latest information on COVID-specific travel requirements, visas, as well as health requirements and other considerations for every destination that Collette services.

Destination-specific information may change frequently and without prior notice. Please be sure to check this resource frequently, including prior to your departure, for changes that may be applicable to your travel plans.

Simply input your home country, your passport country, and your destination into the tool and it displays clear, easy-to-read guidance on requirements for entry, in-country transit, as well as exit and returning home.

Note that there may be select instances where Collette’s requirements of travel for a particular tour may differ from information provided by the CIBT tool above. As the following tours have different requirements to travel between countries on tour, Collette is currently operating the following three itineraries as ‘vaccinated only’.
Full vaccination is required to travel on:
Alpine Lakes and Trains
Discover Croatia
Discovering Poland

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