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To help guests and travel professionals navigate the ever-changing list of international travel and testing requirements today, we have compiled the resources below to provide you with travel information and COVID-related requirements right at your fingertips.

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Vaccination Requirements

International and Domestic Travel Vaccination Requirement

Tours within the United States: Full vaccination against COVID-19 is required to travel on all tours within the United States through December 31, 2022.

Tours outside of the United States: Full vaccination against COVID-19 is required to travel on all tours outside of the United States departing through April 30, 2023. Some countries may require a booster dose before travel; please check the entry requirements for your destination prior to departure.

While vaccination requirements are in place, travellers must be able to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. Each traveller will be asked to show their tour manager their official vaccination certificate (electronic or paper) and it must identify the traveller’s name and date of vaccination with final dose given at least 14-days before the start date of the tour. The Tour Manager will not collect and/or store vaccine, documented recovery, or test information from individual guests.

International Travel – Entry Requirements for Your Destination

Collette has created a document covering entry requirements for every destination we travel to. As COVID-specific travel requirements change, this document is continually updated with the latest information Collette receives. Please reference this document for specific information for your tour: International Travel Requirements by Destination

Additionally, Collette has partnered with CIBT to create a self-service online resource for COVID-specific travel and health requirements, visas, and other travel considerations. Use this document for further instructions: “How Does the CIBT Entry Guide Work?”

Destination-specific information may change frequently and without prior notice. It is each traveller’s responsibility to check both of these resources frequently, including prior to tour departure, for changes that may be applicable to their destination.

Travel entry requirements are provided by a third party source, and Collette is not responsible for content of the information provided.

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