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Reviews Of Pilgrimage to Fatima & Lourdes with Barcelona

Pilgrimage to Fatima & Lourdes with Barcelona

From $2,409 pp*

10 Days • 16 Meals

  • Customer service

    • Service
      The prep customer service was a bit confusing and slow to respond in some circumstances. There were some communication issues when we reached Portugal. We were left at the airport without transport or guidance for 4 hours after a Collette driver/guide said the didn t have room for us or did show us on his passenger manifest. Customer service from the rep on the trip was fabulous after we started on the trip.
    • Tour
      Daily was a very nice addition on the trip. The food, sites, and people of Portugal was great. Fatima shrine and supporting historical sites were interesting. Burgos Spain had many historical sites and guides that did very well in explaining the history and architecture of the city. Hotel dinner and breakfast were awesome. The Hotel stay had some ventilation/temperature issues. To hot for us and other guests with to cold for others. Lourdes shrine was deeply moving. The supporting people, food and sites were very nice. Missed the new immersion pools by two days of opening. But minor detraction. Barcelona was ok. Not many options for finding interesting sites or food options near the hotel we stayed at. Made the most of it and used it as time to get in order for the next day departure home.
  • Overall i gave my tour experience a 4 stars

    • Service
      Hotel accommodation, meals, transport from my house to the airport back to my house was excellent, the procession, the mass and the scenery are excellent except for the everyday schedules not given to us in writing,
    • Tour
      The nightly procession hotel and meals are excellent. I love ❤️ Burgos the extra time we explore the city
  • Disappointed to say the least

    • Service
      My mom and I had very high hopes for this pilgrimage. From the beginning we had problems with clerical errors, numerous emails and phone calls to straighten out our billing for our trip. Once all the issues were cleared up we thought we’d be on our way. While we did have a wonderful experience overall it was due mainly to our fellow guests. Our tour director,*Personal information removed by Feefo*, was very knowledgeable and engaging throughout the tour. That is until the very last day where we came downstairs to enjoy our last breakfast with the other guests and say our final goodbyes. We were met with *Personal information removed by Feefo* giving us the news that due to a strike all flights to USA were cancelled! We all were in shock when he added that he had given a list with flight information to the 2 fathers (that were part of our group) and *Personal information removed by Feefo* left adding he had another tour starting. Obviously, this left us all basically fending for ourselves as we placed numerous calls to Collette as to accommodation requests, transportation to airport, reimbursement questions, etc. Many of the travelers were older and relied on a few of us with more technology skills to navigate our crummy experience. This really left a bad taste in our minds. No representative showed up to help us when we needed it most! Very disappointing!! Most of us ended up staying 2 extra days with the promise of reimbursement. A few of us were lucky enough to stay at the hotel we were in but the majority of our group had to be bussed off and waited in the lobby until 6 pm to get their new accommodations.
    • Tour
      The tour itself was awesome and Gaetano was very knowledgeable and engaging. I feel he had more than his share of guests and he had his hands full. He seemed to take it all in stride and kept us on track to see all we could. Was everything perfect, no, but I feel he did his best to see we were on time for each days destination. The sour note was our last day when most of us were delayed an additional 2 days to go home. Gaetano did not stay to see we all had flights or even accommodations until we were ready to leave. We were only told he had to prepare for his next tour. Was this the truth? And if so, why not send another representative in person to help us? Very bad way to end trip.

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