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The 4 Unexpected Ways Group Travel Gives You Wings

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by Melissa Snape

January 15, 2019

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The benefits of travel on your health are not in doubt- it has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, combat depression, and keep your mind sharp. Traveling with a group can have even more benefits since the stress of planning a trip is gone, you get to form bonds with new people and step outside your comfort zone while staying within the safety of your group.

1. Group Travel is even more relaxing

Let's face it, having someone take care of all the details and logistics for you when you're traveling really allows for a more relaxing trip. Planning a trip can be difficult and between trying to coordinate flight schedules, hotels and timing of the sights you want to see, organizing your travels can be anything but fun. But, when you travel with a group, everything is a bit easier and more relaxed. And having someone who takes care of all the excursions, reservations and transfers once you arrive in a destination means less stress and more relaxing experience. This can result in decreased anxiety-one of the many health benefits group travel can bring.

2. Traveling with a group means built in friends to explore with

Traveling alone can be a bit intimidating. Traveling with just one friend or a spouse means you often have to agree on what you want to experience or you are doing it solo (or worse, missing out on something you wish to do!). What if you love art but they only want to play golf? Or, you want to explore historic landmarks but they would rather hang by the hotel pool? When you travel in a group, there are lots of potential people to explore with. All sorts of different people will be on a group trip and it is super easy to get to know them over meals and excursions. While everyone may not be just like you, you're very likely to find someone you click with as well as like-minded people who share your interests. By sharing experiences with others, group travel benefits your health by decreasing a sense of isolation and depression. People leave a group trip feeling more connected to others, and some even make new friends that last a lifetime!

3. Group Travel helps you push yourself more and gain confidence!

When you travel, your mind opens to other possibilities and you're more likely try things that you have never tried before- whether it's a new food, an adventure activity like zip lining, or a creative pursuit. When you travel with a group you are more likely to step out of your comfort zone, because you have a built-in group of peers encouraging you to stretch yourself and take a chance with a new experience. And the more you experience, the more your confidence grows so you return home happier, more confident and less anxious than before.

4. Group Travel is safer

There's safety in numbers. Whether you're traveling with a group of old friends or some brand new ones, you'll always have companions to stick with while you explore. If you're traveling solo, you'll have the confidence and security to venture out to places you may not have been comfortable with before.

Though the image of the solo traveler wandering the world and soaking in different cultures is a romantic one, next time you travel consider the many benefits of traveling with a group. Then take a trip- it's good for you!

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