Liz Lee
by Liz Lee

May 04, 2022

2 minute read

What year is it again? Last week I caught myself signing a check (yes, I still write cheques occasionally) and dating it “2023.” After two years of living in a partial future state (i.e., when the pandemic is over, when things go back to “normal”), I think my brain needs to be reset. So if you’ve been experiencing a similar time warp, just know you’re not alone.


The good news is, you can benefit from using our collective time warp to start planning that trip you’ve been putting off for so long—you know, the one that’s been on your bucket list but requires a little extra planning? Take for instance our Complete South Pacific tour—a whirlwind 27-day trip of a lifetime that will take you to Melbourne and the coasts of Tasmania, through the Australian Outback to the Great Barrier Reef, over to New Zealand and even Fiji if you decide to extend your trip. Or our Treasures of Egypt tour, on which you’ll finally get to see the Pyramids of Giza in person, enjoy a meal overlooking the banks of the Nile, and get lost in the buzz of a Cairo street market. These aren’t trips to be taken lightly—they’re adventures of a lifetime that require some planning ahead. Like, maybe a year from now kinda trips—am I right?


But we know that even the most serious plan-aheaders are sometimes faced with unexpected roadblocks, and that’s why Collette offers worry-free travel protection. That means you can cancel right up until 24 hours before your departure and get your money back, for any reason. In the past two years, due to Covid, Collette gave over $170 million in refunds to travellers.


So plan now with total confidence! You can save up to 20% on select tours if you book by May 6th, which makes now a pretty great time to start planning your future state—the one in which you’re staring out over some far-away ocean, sipping a glass of wine, and thanking your past self for being so adept at planning ahead.

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