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Reviews Of Exploring Britain & Ireland featuring the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Exploring Britain & Ireland featuring the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

From £2,899 pp*

14 Days • 20 Meals

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    • Service
      It was a great trip. We were kept very busy but we saw many things we wouldn’t have independently.
    • Tour
      I loved being able to see so much without having to do all the planning. I could sit back and relax.
  • In general, very enjoyable and yes, we would travel with them again.

    • Service
      Yes, we would consider buying and traveling with them again. *They need to reconsider the Guinness brewery tour!! Very disappointing ..... and multiple persons on our tour had same reaction. It was very crowded, tour guide RUSHED us through, did not speak into the microphone so you could hear, didn’t wait for the group....we got all spread out due to crowd. We had no time to look at the educational murals throughout the tour and were told “you can come back later and look at them” but of course, you can’t....due to tour setup and lack of time. Our tour guide stated that he has had many people complain about that venue and that he has passed this information on to Collette in the past. * Many of the venues on our tour were hurried. On our itinerary it may have said we would be somewhere for approximately 3 hrs and tour guide said” Be back on bus in an hour and a half”. We were never anywhere for the indicated amount of time on the tour itinerary. *As a celiac, there were gluten free options but often when getting off bus and hurrying off for lunch, I had no idea which restaurants were more able to provide a decent selection of gluten free. It would have been much easier for me with time restrictions to have a brief list of eating establishments at that location that had a good set up of serving gluten free. *Good maps provided to us at Beginning of the tour instead of last couple days of the tour (when tour guide mapped out where we HAD been) would have been very helpful. As a first time traveler with a tour, I didn’t realize how confused I got about where we were in the country and where we were headed. Maybe that is something that could be suggested in pretour information as being helpful for the tourist. I certainly will make certain that I have one next time I travel on a tour!!
    • Tour
      Since my husband’s great grandfather came from Tipperary County during the potato famine, being at Rock of Cashel in Tipperary County was one of our highlights. I also had an ancestor who taught in Tipperary Co and have letters from him to my grandmother describing the view of the mountains that we saw. We both enjoyed the Waterford Crystal tour, the Ring of Kerry trip and I enjoyed seeing a variety of castles, which has always captured my imagination.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette to Britain and Ireland. Your feedback will be reviewed by the Product Design Team responsible for creating the itinerary for this tour.

    Collette Support
    • Service
      Agent we spoke to on the phone was extremely helpful and resolved all our issues. Printed material was informative, and helped us chronicle our adventures when we got home! It made everything clear and we knew just what to expect. Guide Norman Greene was fun, informative, and tons of help. Coach driver Chris managed to move the bus safely through many twisty, turny areas!
    • Tour
      Ambitious trip! But Norman and Chris (plus the awesome group we were part of) made it wonderful. Traveling an average of 250 miles per travel day could be a real grind, but the bus seats were comfortable, and Norman kept us informed, entertained, and educated with history, anecdotes, and myths of the areas we visited. He even explained rugby while we waited for one of our restaurants! We did have some issues with beds. I'm a "big boy" and sometimes the beds were pretty small. Most were fine. We had one that was a double, but we barely fit (Grosvenor Pulford)! Luckily we didn't fall out. MY favorite moment was the "Jaunty Tour"; Brenda's was kissing the Blarney Stone (she called it "monumental."

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