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Explore the World

Your next big adventure starts here. Dive into our complete collection of worldwide travel experiences. Find seven continents in a single stunning book.

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On a small group Explorations tour, dive deeper. Get to know the pulse of a destination by talking with the people who live there. With an average of 16 travelers, get to really know your fellow travelers, Tour Manager, and local guides.

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From the laid-back sunshine of the West Coast to the autumnal colors of New England and the flavors of the American South, America isn’t just one thing — it’s many.

2024 2025 Collette National Parks Brochure

United States National Parks

America’s national parks are a gift to humanity. They offer a sanctuary of natural beauty, preserve diverse ecosystems, and invite travelers to connect with awe-inspiring landscapes.

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African Safari

It’s time to say "let’s go" on your safari adventure.