We have answers!

While our goal is to answer all of your questions before you even have them, inevitably there are a few things that most of our guests still wonder about. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to reach out to us. Our Client Care team is standing by to make sure you’re in the know on all things regarding your tour.

What is the difference between a twin room and a double room?

In certain countries, hotel rooms tend to be smaller than U.S. standard accommodations. A double room is designed to accommodate two people, but may not have two separate beds. A twin-bedded room has two separate beds of any size, and is the type most commonly utilized.

What size is a triple room?

A triple room is the same size as a twin-bedded room and beds will accommodate three people, but we cannot guarantee that there will be three separate beds. If there are only two beds, a rollaway may be requested but cannot be guaranteed due to size of room and fire codes. Please inquire at time of reservation.

Can my children travel on tour?

Children over the age of 5 may travel on a Collette tour accompanied by an adult. Child land rates are valid for ages 5-12, sharing a room with two full-paying adults.

Are single and triple rooms always available?

On many tours, triple and single accommodations are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. Be advised that single rooms are often smaller.

When can I check into my hotel?

Normal check-in time is late afternoon in most locations. Due to early arrival times into some cities, rooms may not always be available for immediate check-in.

Can Collette book our airline reservations?

Collette is happy to assist you in accommodating your flight needs. Due to tour scheduling and limited availability, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Collette's air packages. We are not responsible for air arrangements you have made on your own. On occasion, it is necessary to change tour dates. In this case, we can only protect air reservations booked through Collette. For all air reservations, it is strongly recommended to reconfirm flights before departure, in the event that the airline has an unexpected schedule change. We cannot assume responsibility for schedule changes, routings or flight cancellations involving the airlines. Not all airlines offer pre-assigned seats. Some charge a fee for seats which will be at the guests' expense. Where pre-assigned seats are not offered, the guests must contact the airline directly to arrange seat assignments.

Can Collette get advanced seat assignments on the airplane?

Many airlines do not provide advance seat assignments until check-in at the airport. Advance seating is subject to the airline's terms and conditions.

Are attractions always available?

Access to some attractions or Collette Foundation sites may be affected by the observance of holidays, weather conditions or other circumstances. As a result, the days and order of sightseeing may change to best utilize your time on tour. Boat rides are weather permitting. Some attractions may not be available during the "off-season" months. When attractions are unavailable, other similar attractions will be substituted. Wildlife sightings are not guaranteed.

Is there a lot of walking on tour?

We pride ourselves on bringing travelers the very best experiences a destination offers. Our itineraries include many activities and may consist of walking on uneven terrain or significant walking at times. Some of the most unique sightseeing can mean accessing locations that restrict motorcoaches, especially in historic areas. Some hotels/lodges in remote locations may not have elevators. For your comfort, we recommend bringing walking shoes.

How can I plan for shore landings?

Special clothing is required for the shore landings (Antarctica, Galapagos); please refer to your predeparture documents for important details.

Are all theater performances suitable for children?

Some theater performances may be unsuitable for children - consult your tour manager.

Do I need a passport?

Government-issued identification is required for all air travel. A valid passport is required for all trips outside the USA. All passengers should check with the appropriate foreign consulate for entry and validity requirements. We recommend that your passport has six months validity, and at least 3 blank pages. Passports and visas are the responsibility of each client. International Borders. Any child under age 16 (traveling without a parent or legal guardian to Canada) must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian. Please be advised that if you have been convicted of an offense, or have committed a criminal act that is an offense under the laws where it occurred and would be an offense in Canada, you may be inadmissible into Canada. You will need to apply for a Minister's Permit of Approval of Rehabilitation at a Canadian Consulate. All other travelers should contact the appropriate consulate for entry requirements in other international destinations. In South Africa, children are required to have a passport as well as additional documentation to travel with you into and out of the country. Please consult the South African Embassy for the current specific requirements related to your travel dates.

If travelling internationally with a child under the age of 18, please check directly with the airline for the legal documentation that is required. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to procure the proper documentation to travel and many requirements vary by airline and destination.

Collette will not be responsible for costs incurred for missed flights or canceled tours where a guest fails to secure proper documentation.

Do you provide VISA processing for all applicable destinations?

Collette does not process VISAs. Every nation has its own specific requirements. Check the embassy or consulate website for the country you are visiting to find the forms and information you need. The process of getting a VISA can take two weeks to two months.

Can I extend my tour to see more of a region?

Yes! You may enhance your tour by purchasing either an extension or pre/post hotel stays, offered on select tours. Extensions may be "hosted" rather than escorted. When hosted, passengers will be greeted upon arrival by a local tour manager who will provide all included services and be available on-call during the duration of the extension. A minimum number of passengers may be required to operate some extensions. Extensions not purchased at time of deposit are subject to availability and applicable charges at time of request.

Collette also offers pre- and post-hotel nights before and/or after a tour so you may explore the destination independently. Should you purchase additional nights, please be advised that your tour manager will not be available during this time.

What is not included in the tour price?

The land price does not include air travel, airline fees, airport or departure taxes, transfers, visas, customary end-of-trip gratuities for your Tour Manager, driver, local guides, hotel housekeepers, cruise ship waitstaff, and any incidental charges.

Do you accept late bookings?

Tour sales normally close 7 days prior to departure. All late bookings are on request and must be guaranteed with a credit card if within 60 days of departure date.

Where do I meet my Tour Manager?

Your tour will begin at your first hotel. The Tour Manager will make contact with you at the hotel and will provide details relating to your tour. The hotel's address and phone number will be included in your documents.

Can I prepurchase optional excursions/activities?

Yes, the majority of optional excursions and activities are available for advance purchase for applicable tours provided that you make your options purchase prior to 15 days of the tour departure. Collette makes it convenient to reserve presold options by visiting our website for a full listing of activities and excursions or when your reservation is made with our reservations staff. In addition, there are benefits to prepurchasing options including a price guarantee once your tour is paid in full.

So, while the cost of an optional activity may change from the time you book your tour, once payment is received in full, your preselected options are guaranteed by Collette at their original price. Although you can still purchase options while on tour, reserving them ahead of time ensures you a spot in the event that the activity sells out. Collette will provide a refund if you cancel a presold option prior to tour departure. Any presold options canceled while on tour are nonrefundable.

Would my tour date ever be changed?

While it is unlikely, Collette does reserve the right to cancel a tour prior to departure. Should this happen, Collette will make every effort to put you on another departure date. If an alternate cannot be found, a full refund will be made. Air booked through Collette will be protected. We cannot be held responsible for penalties incurred if you have secured your own air.

Can I make changes to my reservation?

Should you decide to change your reservation after initial booking, a handling fee of $25 per transaction will be charged. A change of tour date, tour itinerary or passenger name, within the guidelines of the cancellation policy, will be treated as a cancellation and regular cancellation fees may apply.

Revisions to air tickets are subject to the rules and regulations of the airline. See our Cancellation Policy for more details.

How can I be best prepared for the pacing and physical requirements on a Collette tour?

Tour pacing varies by itinerary, and each destination's sightseeing and activities are unique. Pacing is subject to personal interpretation. At Collette, we do include the best a destination has to offer, enhancing your overall tour experience. For overnight pacing of a tour, please refer to the "Accommodations" section on each tour page and on the tour map. These describe the number of nights you will stay in each hotel during your tour. The day-by-day descriptions will provide additional detail about the number of activities included in each day.

The Tour Activity Level Ranking is featured on each tour itinerary in a circle. The definition of each activity level is listed here. If you have additional questions regarding a specific tour, please inquire at time of reservation. For your comfort, we recommend packing comfortable walking shoes so you can fully enjoy every aspect of your tour.

Level 1: You’re a leisurely traveler. You typically take it easy and discover the energy of a new place by people-watching or soaking in the atmosphere at a local cafe. You can climb at least one flight of stairs, board a coach, and walk unassisted at a relaxed pace for up to 60 minutes without difficulty. You can easily handle altitudes up to 5,000 feet.

Level 2: You like a balanced approach to travel. Walking two to three miles over the course of a day is no problem for you. You can partake in a two-hour leisurely walking tour, covering up to two miles (with included breaks). You can handle a variety of terrains, from cobblestone streets to moderate hills with relative ease and without assistance. You can climb two flights of stairs with ease. There may be 1 to 2 days on this tour when walking tours can cover 3 to 4 miles over uneven terrain. You can handle altitudes up to 6,000 feet.

Level 3: You’re an on-the-go traveler. You don’t want to miss a thing, so walking and standing for longer periods of time (2-3 hours) isn’t a big deal. A moderately paced two-and-a-half-hour walking tour, covering several miles, hills, and uneven surfaces, is no problem for you. Walking four miles over the course of a day is very doable, as is climbing into and out of various modes of transportation (tuk-tuk, cable car, zodiac, etc.). You can climb three flights of stairs easily and handle altitudes between 6,000 and 9,000 feet. Expect some longer days balanced with free time to recharge or set out on your own adventure. This level is not a fit for travelers who require mobility assistance devices.

Level 4: You’re ready to seize the day, whatever it may bring. You lead an active life at home (walking, biking, and half or full day hikes are things you may enjoy) and 10,000 steps a day is normal for you. You can handle longer walking tours (more than 3 hours covering 3+ miles at a steady clip) and activities that involve traversing uneven terrain, steep slopes, standing for periods of time, and varying altitudes and temperatures. You don’t mind being on the go with some early starts, late-nights, and full days. You can handle altitudes of 9,000 feet or higher with little to no issue. This level is not appropriate for travelers who use wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility assistance devices.

Are airport and hotel transfers available?

Roundtrip airport-to-hotel transfers are provided for all passengers who purchase airfare through Collette. These transfers do not apply to pre- and post-night stays. Passengers who do not purchase airfare through Collette can purchase transfers (for the first and last day of the tour) at an additional cost of $100 per person, roundtrip. Some restrictions may apply. All transfers leave at prescheduled times.

Are airport transfers available for pre/post hotel stays?

All passengers who purchase pre- and post hotel nights through Collette may also purchase transfers to/from the airport and the pre- or post-hotel. Please inquire at time of booking.

What is Roundtrip Home to Airport Sedan Service?

It's your ticket to and from the airport. This service is available for all air-inclusive tour bookings. This personalized service is included in many U.S. cities within a 50-mile radius from more than 90 airport gateways. *Service is available between 51 and 75 miles for a small fee. Not valid on group travel.

*One transfer per room booking. Additional stops are not permitted on route.

What is The Collette Passport Club?

The Passport Club rewards you for every trip you take… and as you continue checking tours off your bucket list, you can unlock even more perks along the journey. Basically: the more you travel, the more benefits you’ll receive. And the best part? The bigger the trip, the bigger the reward.

Because we thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Here’s how it works:

Passport Club Level 1: Adventurer

(1 – 2 completed tours)

  • Receive a 5% Loyalty Credit* on your next Collette tour when it’s completed within 12 months of your original tour departure date.
  • Receive a 3% Loyalty Credit* on tours completed within 13-24 months of your most recent tour departure date.

* Loyalty credit is calculated as a percentage of the land portion of the last tour taken, including pre/post-tour extensions, room upgrades, and on-tour internal air, less any discounts/offers. Airfare to and from the tour, airport transfers, pre & post-night accommodations, optional tours, taxes and fees, and travel insurance are excluded from the credit calculation.

Passport Club Level 2: Explorer

(3+ completed tours)

In addition to the perks of Level 1, after travelers return from their third tour they’ll receive this additional benefit:

  • $100 of credit towards purchasing optional tour components or upgrades when travel is completed within 24 months of the most recent tour departure date.

Terms and Conditions

Passport Club Loyalty credits are earned after tour completion and can be applied to bookings on future tours to be taken. Full credit of 5% is valid for your next tour when travel is completed within 12 months of the original trip departure date. A reduced credit of 3% is valid for travel within 13-24 months. Credit expires 24 months after the original trip departure date.

Loyalty credit is calculated as a percentage based on the land portion of the last tour taken, including pre/post-tour extensions, room upgrades, and on-tour internal air, less any discounts/offers. Airfare to and from the tour, airport transfers, pre & post-night accommodations, optional tours, taxes and fees, and travel insurance are excluded from the credit calculation. Loyalty credit may be combinable with other offers. Credit must be applied before final payment on a future booking. Credit is not redeemable for cash and is non-transferrable.

Passport Club Level 2: Explorer additional $100 credit is valid on new bookings for past guests who have previously traveled with Collette three or more times and are booking their fourth or more trip.

New Loyalty credits will be generated for all returning travelers after their return date. The new credits will start with the September 1, 2023, tour departure dates and can be applied to future bookings in addition to non-expired loyalty credits that were generated under the original loyalty program.