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Collette’s Online Travel
Requirements Resource

To help guests and travel professionals navigate the ever-changing list of international travel and testing requirements today, we have compiled the resources below to provide you with travel information and COVID-related requirements right at your fingertips.

International Travel
Entry Requirements
for Your Destination

Vaccination Requirement for International Travel

As many international destinations have introduced vaccination requirements for indoor experiences (museums, restaurants, attractions, etc.) even though the entry requirements for that destination do not require vaccination, vaccination will be required to travel on all international tours starting on September 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022. As destination requirements and/or the definition of “fully vaccinated” may change between now and the time departure date of your tour with little advanced noticed, Collette recommends that guests plan to receive a booster dose before travel. We will continue to review and update our policies as restrictions are lifted.

International Travel – Requirements for Departing and Returning to the U.S.

Collette has partnered with CIBT to create a self-service online resource for every destination that we travel to. This tool is continually updated with the latest information on COVID-specific travel and health requirements (vaccination documentation, testing, exemptions, arrival forms, etc.), visas, and other considerations for every destination that Collette services.

Destination-specific information may change frequently and without prior notice. It is each traveler’s responsibility to check this resource frequently, including prior to tour departure, for changes that may be applicable to the destination.

Use this document for further instructions: “How Does the CIBT Entry Guide Work?”

Travel entry requirements are provided by a third party source, and Collette is not responsible for content of the information provided.

International Travel – Mandatory COVID Testing Prior to U.S. Re-Entry

All travelers must present a negative COVID test result administered in advance of returning to the U.S. Please read carefully: return testing procedures vary depending on the destination of your tour:

In the following destinations/tours, Collette has made all necessary arrangements for U.S. international return COVID-19 testing:

Destination Tour Name
Iceland Iceland's Magical Northern Lights
Iceland Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice
Iceland Icelandic Adventure
Iceland Discover the Magical Northern Lights
Europe River Cruises Holland & Belgium Springtime River Cruise
Europe River Cruises Christmas on the Danube
Europe River Cruises Classic Danube
Europe River Cruises Magical Rhine & Moselle Rivers
Europe River Cruises Classic Danube with Oberammergau
Costa Rica Tropical Costa Rica
Costa Rica Costa Rica: World of Nature
Costa Rica Discover Costa Rica
Costa Rica Treasures of Costa Rica
Morocco Colors of Morocco
Morocco Spain & Morocco
Africa Plains of Africa
Africa Treasures of Egypt
Africa Journey through Egypt & Jordan
South America Peru
South America Peru: From Lima to Lake Titicaca
South America Peru & Galapagos by Yacht

Please note that return testing in the above-listed destinations will be at the expense of the individual guest, payable to the testing provider by credit card at time of service. Prices range from USD $50 to $100 per person, depending on your destination. Transportation (where necessary) will be provided by Collette. If you purchased a self-test kit, you do not need to bring it with you on tour.

Travelers who are staying abroad on their own after their tour ends will need to make their own arrangements for the required U.S. return testing, at their own expense.

  1.  Recommended Purchase a self-test kit to bring with you on tour. Several major U.S. airlines (American, United, and Delta) have partnered with Optum, eMed, and Azova to assist passengers with re-entry testing. These companies sell test kits directly from their websites: Optum 2-pack or Optum 3-pack, eMed 6-pack or Azova individual test kits. For specific directions, including how to order, register for, and use the Optum/eMed test kits, please refer to this user guide. Please note that a smartphone with a camera and Wi-Fi capability is required for these options.
  2. Make your own arrangements in your destination. For guests that opt for this, please be advised that in-country testing may be more expensive per-person, appointment availability may be limited, and pre-registration and documentation may be required to schedule a test.

Domestic Travel Requirements

Please note this update in our policy: Full vaccination against COVID-19 will be required to travel on all domestic tours starting on November 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022*. We will continue to review and update our policies as requirements are lifted.

If your trip departs November 1, 2021 or after:

All guests traveling with Collette within the United States, regardless of destination or point of origin, must be able to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. As destination requirements and/or the definition of “fully vaccinated” may change between now and the time departure date of your tour with little advanced noticed, Collette recommends that guests plan to receive a booster dose before travel. Upon filling out and turning in the Wellness Declaration to the Tour Manager prior to joining the tour, each guest will be asked to show the Tour Manager their:

  • Proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This is your official vaccination certificate (electronic or paper) and it must identify your name and date of vaccination with final dose given at least 14-days before the start date of your tour.
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