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Portugal & Its Islands

Featuring the Estoril Coast, Azores & Madeira Islands

From $1,999* pp |  13  Days •  18  Meals  *Rate is per person, land only, double occupancy, tour inclusions and available options may vary based on departure date.
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Fairytales and Charm on these hidden Islands

Discover the true gems of Portugal. Enjoy multi-night stays on the remote islands of São Miguel, Azores and Madeira, the “Pearl of the Atlantic.” Marvel at the geothermal wonders of the Furnas Valley. Take in the beauty of the twin lakes of Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake). Enjoy charming coastal villages, beautiful botanical gardens and a wine tasting in Madeira. Experience Azorean culinary traditions during an interactive cooking demonstration. Explore Portugal’s Riviera with visits to the charming fishing village of Cascais and chic Estoril. Lisbon comes to life as you tour this grand capital. Be swept away by the melancholy Fado tunes. Visit 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the fairytale town of Sintra and the pilgrimage site of Fatima. Indulge in local cuisine, regional wines and traditional entertainment.

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  • Reviews Of Portugal & Its Islands featuring the Estoril Coast, Azores & Madeira Islands

    Reviews Of Portugal & Its Islands featuring the Estoril Coast, Azores & Madeira Islands

    Portugal & Its Islands featuring the Estoril Coast, Azores & Madeira Islands

    From $1,999 pp*

    13 Days • 18 Meals

    • Beautful scenery; tour needs some help.

      • Service
        Too much time in the bus; not enough time walking around exploring. Also group size was TOO large. 37 folks was cumbersome.
      • Tour
        See previous statement that I wrote.
    • Well worth it!

      • Service
        Our tour guide was excellent. *personal details removed by Feefo* was helpful with all situations that came up. Her recommendations for restaurants and places to see were wonderful. We celebrated birthdays and learned many things about Portuguese history, food and wines.
      • Tour
        One of my favorites was the gardens in Madeira. They were stunning. Everything was in bloom and the island was so green. The distillery was fun too, even though I don't like Madeira wines. It was interesting to learn about Portuguese cultures.
    • Portugal and Its Islands 29 April - 11 May 2017

      • Service
        Folks, I will say that *Personal Details removed by Feefo*, our Collette Tour Guide, IS spectacular! Give her a raise. *Personal Details removed by Feefo* is professional, knowledgeable, fair, a superb listener, conscientious, able to think ahead thus handle the “What ifs?” with class, intelligence, a dry wit and good humor. She knows people. She knows Lisboa (Our second trip to Lisboa; my sister’s and my first Iberian Peninsula Collette Tour was five-years ago. *Personal Details removed by Feefo* was our fabulous Tour Guide for ‘Portugal and Espana’. Love her! ), The Açores, and Madeira. Kudos to *Personal Details removed by Feefo*. As for the length and the segments: Length—perfect. Segments--- One more day in Lisboa, which we ironically achieved due to the Portuguese airline strike. The Açores, San Miguel, shorten by one-day. *personal details removed by Feefo* Collette’s local liaison, who lives on Sao Miguel, was wonderful in that she is relaxed, has a deep knowledge, works well with *personal details removed by feefo* i.e. the mutual respect they demonstrated was palpable. Keep *Personal details removed by Feefo*. We had *Personal details removed by Feefo for one-day on Sao Miguel; the one *personal details removed by Feefo* was not available. *Personal Details removed by Feefo* also solid; keep her, too. Give *Personal details removed by Feefo* a raise. We then flew to Madeira from Sao Miguel. My sister, *Personal details removed by Feefo* and I are lovingly prejudice in that our Mom’s parents and three older siblings where born on Madeira before “VoVo” and “VaVa” (Respectively Grandfather and Grandmother.) immigrated to Massachusetts in the early part of the 20th Century, where Mom and the rest of her siblings were born. (Specifically, our Gonçalves clan is from Campanario on Madeira, which is about seven-miles N.W. above Funchal.) We had told *Personal Details removed by Feefo* about our Gonçalves clan. She worked with our highly-skilled Driver, *personal details removed by Feefo*, on Madeira to make a safe and quick coach stop so one of our Traveling Gal Pals, *Personal details removed by Feefo*, could hop out of the bus, safely run to the Campanario town/area sign with *Personal details removed by Feefo* and I in order to get photos of us at the sign for our wonderful ninety-six year old Mom, our older Gonçalves clan back in the U.S., *Personal details removed by Feefo* family, and we two, as well. I sobbed during all of this with humble gratitude. Ok, here is the important concern. The EuroTour Madeira (Correct name of coach tour bus company on Madeira?) assigned Tour Guide, *Personal Details removed by Feefo* was horrible. How so? Pandering. Very, very disrespectful to *Personal details removed by Feefo* as soon as she warmly introduced herself to him he took on a very autocratic tone and posture. (I know this because from the Madeira Airport I chose to sit in the front seat behind our Driver, *Personal details removed by Feefo*.) Being a person who has done many a tour with Collette, managed many people over the life of my career, and a person who knows that to respect is to earn it by demonstrating respect to others; *Personal details removed by Feefo* is a complete failure. I will take in to consideration his socialization and the Portuguese culture for to not to would be me being blind. Yet *Personal details removed by Feefo* is very pandering to everyone; female or male. As we closed in on the last day he became more and more pandering in a condescending way to everyone but thought he had disguised this icky trait by going overboard with the warm and fuzzy thing. (Note: He did help we Traveling Gal Pals find the lovely Portuguese Dancing Charms for which I thanked him sincerely.). Yes, I don’t know the basis of Collette’s agreements with the company that supplied *Personal details removed by Feefo* and we (your Guests) on Madeira, yet if at all possible *personal details removed by Feefo* needs a major sensitivity and cultural training series of sessions. The age old and very wise tenet “Do unto others as they would do unto you” is what *Personal details removed by Feefo* completely misses. For example: On the first day on Madeira as we got on the bus because, as is customary, we couldn’t yet check in to our lovely and well-placed hotel, Pestano, well *Personal details removed by Feefo* set out to take us to the Botanico Garden above Madeira. Not once did *Personal details removed by Feefo* think to consider, though I did state out-loud because I am not a shy one, “We have many folks who are tired, hungry (*Personal details removed by Feefo* did not ‘allow’ a stop or access to food break.), or have trouble walking, *Personal details removed by Feefo* This is not working.” Wellllll, the brilliant *Personal details removed by Feefo* saved that first afternoon with savor faire. *Personal details removed by Feefo* worked it out with our Driver, to take us to the incredibly exciting and historical Madeira Toboggan ride. She made the offer to everyone. I think out of the twenty-nine of us only two wanted to visit a nearby church. The rest of us with huge joy and gratitude for *personal details removed by Feefo* jumped on the toboggans and zipped down to the small pub at the end of the toboggan ride to have at least a snack and either beer, vino or water before we hit the Pestano Hotel. What fun! Our spirits were all so high. THE WAY to start a stay on Madeira; indeed! Brilliant and forethinking move, *Personal details removed by Feefo* Madeira deserves the extra day minused from Sao Miguel. To reiterate, I do not speak for my dear sister, *personal details removed by Feefo* our amazing Traveling Gal Pals: *Personal details removed by Feefo* who couldn’t join us this year. They all approved this document. Note: *personal details removed by Feefo* asked either *personal details removed by Feefo* to take a group photo of us when we made a stop high above one of the amazing calderas on Sao Miguel on her IPad. *personal details removed by Feefo* graciously did. Alas, *personal details removed by Feefo* is not in the shot. I have adjusted the group shots, and sent to the “Lisboa Ladies” (our name for our group this year) the best one of the lot; in my determination. They all loved the photo. Furthermore, *personal details removed by Feefo* has given permission for Collette to use the shot if you so choose. IT IS UP TO COLLETTE TO CONTACT * personal details removed by Feefo* FOR SAID PERMISSON. Here is her email: *personal details removed by Feefo* In turn, *personal details removed by Feefo* would email that photo to you after she and you/Collette worked out any legal terms, thus conditions of usage, et al. Finally, with bragging rights, *personal details removed by Feefo* is first and foremost our beloved Traveling Gal Pal by way of Philadelphia. *personal details removed by Feefo* is a Doctor. There has not been one time in our last three-trips with Collette that *personal details removed by Feefo* hasn’t stepped up with her clear-headed medical skills, calmness for not only a person on the tours we all participated in but for strangers, as well. My logic, though I do not work within the structure of nor know the corporate standards and procedures of Collette, gives me pause to ask “Why wouldn’t a doctor get an extra discount for any trip she/he takes with Collette? She/he would be a key element of support thus…? ” *personal details removed by Feefo* firmly stands by the Hippocratic Oath she took when she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania upon receiving her medical degree. In turn, our Collette Tour Guide in France *Personal details removed by Feefo* *Personal details removed by Feefo* in Greece, and *personal details removed by Feefo* in Portugal all have sung their praises to *personal details removed by Feefo*, as have our respective fellow Tour Group Members for *personal details removed by Feefo* stepped up to the plate on each trip to attend to a medical issue. Brava! *personal details removed by Feefo*
      • Tour
        Everything except *personal details removed by Feefo* the local Madeira person who assisted the amazing Collette Tour Guide, *personal details removed by Feefo*.
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