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Traveler's Tour Guide: Southern Charm

Wesley G
by Wesley Glass

June 25, 2019

3 minute read

Updated 2/16/2022

When left on their own, the limbs of the Southern Live Oak can slowly grow up to eighty feet out from the trunk providing luxurious amounts of shade for anyone wanting to sit under the Spanish Moss covered bark as a breeze lazily rolls through. That is how a trip through the US’s Southern Coast can feel. Things move slowly but only to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. When looking to travel through this area, there are three places to make sure you do not miss.



The Holy City, as Charleston is called, is the culinary destination if you are a fan of seafood. Contrary to stereotypes, not everything in the South is fried. A meal near Charleston’s City Market will expose you to such favorites as shrimp and grits, she crab soup, Carolina pulled pork, and bene wafers for dessert. With a full belly, you can hop on a horse drawn carriage or wander on foot by the rainbow painted homes and azalea filled gardens of downtown. Watch your step because the roots of magnolias and oaks have reclaimed many of the sidewalks. If you choose to, you can hop on a boat to get views of Fort Sumter, where the the Civil War began, as well as the church steeples dominating the sleepy city’s skyline.

 Savannah 2


When James Oglethorpe arrived in what would be the colony of Georgia, he founded Savannah and built it around an emerald necklace of twenty-four public squares. Twenty-two of them remain today making a stroll through the historic centre of the city all the more enjoyable. Hidden amongst the squares are small restaurants offering the best in Southern fare and locally owned boutiques and books shops. Many of these establishments located in homes built before the Civil War that were thankfully spared from burning in General Sherman’s March to the sea. If your feet are tired, a ride on the Georgia Queen along the Savannah River during your free time will give you a rest and a gorgeous view of the former cotton capital of the world.

 Savannah 2

Jekyll Island

If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in Gilded Age opulence, then staying at the Club on Jekyll Island should be on your bucket list. Originally a private club that represented one sixth of the world’s wealth, the clubhouse is now a luxury hotel located off the coast of Southern Georgia. You can pretend you are one of the original families that wintered on the island as you attend a five course dinner in the Grand Dining Room. You could also choose to sit on the pier enjoying fresh seafood whilst watching the shrimping boats on the water. The former cottages of the elite members are dappled around the property along with Georgia’s only sea turtle hospital where you can visit with and learn about the creatures they are rehabilitating.


There are three gems tucked away along the Atlantic Coast worth a visit. No one is in a rush. Food is slow cooked, and you can taste the hospitality dripping from every bite. Charleston, Savannah, and Jekyll Island give you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life at a leisurely pace whilst sitting in a rocking chair on a front porch a glass of iced tea in hand.

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