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SwitzerlandTrain blog post

Switzerland by Train

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by Nicole Diebold

October 03, 2022

2 minute read

Our small group Explorations tours are all carbon neutral. And that is important because the travel industry contributes to the global carbon footprint in a big way – from emissions on airplanes, buses, ships, and more. Minimizing our collective impact on the environment is something we set out to do with our 40+ small group tours for the past couple of years.

Go by Train
On our tour, Switzerland: Hidden Trails and Majestic Peaks, travellers climb aboard a train to experience the stunning Swiss Alpine vistas. The Swiss Rail Service is a mode of transport that allows travellers to lower carbon emissions on tour. As you cross the Swiss Alps in style and comfort, the trains are clean and efficient. Lowering carbon emissions is one of the best ways we can positively impact the environment and preserve the stunning Alpine scenery in Switzerland for future generations.

Access: Accepted
It’s always good to lower your carbon footprint, right? But another major perk of getting from point A to point B aboard a train in Switzerland is that view. You know… the one outside your window that you’d never see in a bus or car. This is truly the path less travelled because trains take you where roads can't go. Traverse steep mountainous terrain, cascade into darkness through tunnels. Behold snowy peaks, plunging valleys, and forests in all their awe-inspiring wonder.

All Aboard for Adventure
Unparalleled views PLUS lowering your carbon emissions? Not to mention Travelling through the Alps in style as a train chugs you through, harkening back to a simpler time? This is the way to travel. For so, so many reasons. So, will you say all aboard! to Switzerland?

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