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Snapshots of the Jubilee

Alex Shaked
by Alex Shaked

March 12, 2024

2 minute read

The first Holy Year was proclaimed by Pope Boniface VIII in the year 1300. In the year 2025, travellers will follow in the footsteps of centuries of pilgrims and journey to Rome for the next Jubilee, with the apt theme “Pilgrims of Hope.”

As part of Collette’s 2025 Jubilee: The Holy Year tour, we’re sponsoring a photo exhibition at the hotel where our travellers stay. Italian photographer Oliviero Olivieri is presenting A Ticket to Paradise, a series of 24 photos he took during the last Jubilee in the year 2000. This offers a unique opportunity for travellers to really absorb the experience of the pilgrims that came before them.

Diving Deeper into the Artistry

Oliviero Olivieri’s photography is immersive and authentic. Here are some of his artistic trademarks:

  • Oliviero focuses on experiencing the moment with his subjects, rather than on the outside looking in.
  • In keeping up with his subjects, his photos express a lot of movement.
  • Oliviero doesn’t use any extra lighting. He feels by capturing what is in front of him, he’s sharing the rawness and realness of the moment in the frame.
  • The images were taken with a small Olympus OM1 using Kodak film TriX. The photos will be hand printed and framed on Silver-gelatin-Fibre based paper.
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An Electric Time in Rome

Whilst Oliviero is excited to share his art, he is also excited for travellers to experience Italy at such a unique time. “I try to stress the fact that the Jubilee is beyond religion,” he said. “If anyone wants to visit Rome, there’s no better year than the Jubilee year. Of course it will be busy … but the city will be at its best.”

Ahead of the tour and the launch of the exhibition, we wanted to offer a sneak peek into some of Oliviero‘s pieces that will be on display.

Peruse through history, reflect, and connect with these moments of hope in Rome. Oliviero says, “These pictures come straight from heaven.”

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We sat down with Oliviero to discuss this upcoming tour and his exhibition. Check out the virtual event here

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