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3 Amazing Reasons to Visit the Azores

Lauren A
by Lauren Almonte

July 07, 2017

2 minute read

Not many people have heard of the Azores, which is one of the greatest things about the islands. Located 850 miles off the coast of Portugal, the Azores are abundant with wildlife and nature. The islands have a magical quality about them, seemingly separate from the real world. Still wondering about this volcanic archipelago? Here are three main reasons travel to the Azores.

    1. Enjoy the natural beauty


    Although the Azores were discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese explorers, the islands have only recently become a welcoming tourist destination. St. Michael (São Miguel in the local Portuguese) is the region’s most populated island, and it is nicknamed the “Green Island.” The name reflects the lush scenery and green landscape that covers the area. The island is also home to the twin lakes of Sete Cidade, which are called the Green Lake and Blue Lake in regards to the colour that the water appears when the sunlight reflects off the surface.

    2. Embrace the Azorean lifestyle


    Fit in with the locals as you partake in the region’s unique cooking style, which involves submerging the food into a pot that is lowered into the volcanic earth. This method is primarily used for stewing meat and vegetables, resourcefully cooking your meal in the ground! The area is also the location for natural hot springs, which are rich in thermal minerals.

    3. Find yourself falling in love with the islands


    Each island is geographically different than the next, all displaying unique physical landscapes. There will be never ending sights to experience and explore between all nine islands; adventure from rugged cliffs on one island to sandy beaches on the next, then to an island formed by a crater to an island of a shield volcano. The appeal of the Azores will sneak up on you, surprising you with the spectacle of these rarely-mentioned islands. Perhaps you’ll find yourself admiring the blooming hydrangeas, or swimming with dolphins, or becoming mystified by the waterfalls.

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