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Trending Destinations: Discover Where to Travel in 2020

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by Morgan Hughes

November 27, 2019

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The world is yours in 2020. Both far-flung locales and new takes on old favorites are making the cut for upcoming travel trends. Uncover unique history, take in the unforgettable sights, taste regional specialties, and get to know the locals as you venture to these trending destinations in 2020. Where will you go first?


Dubrovnik, Croatia

The “Pearl of the Adriatic” will present you with architectural gems, cultural riches, and glittering coastal views. In Dubrovnik’s distinct Old Town, surrounded by 16th-century stone walls, you’ll feel like you’re walking into a fairytale with its iconic Baroque rooftops on winding cobblestone streets. Croatian cuisine will leave your taste buds wanting more. Try classic Dalmatian seafood dishes like black risotto with mussels or shellfish stew. Croatia’s islands are also receiving some welcome spotlight. Take a small, luxurious ship to explore unique island and coastal towns like Korcula, Vis, Hvar, Bol, and more. There is so much more to Croatia than you have ever imagined.

How to Get There: Croatia & Its Islands tour


Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is renowned for its unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Imagine riding a camel through the desert to find your luxury tented camp “hotel.” Or, indulging in a flavorful and lively dinner with entertainment including, but not limited to, fire-eaters and traditional dancers. The ancient city of Marrakech is a wonderful display of Morocco’s cultural heritage. Uncover history at age-old mosques, ornate palaces, and extensive museums. Every colorful corner seems to be a work of art in Morocco – it’s no wonder luxury designer Yves Saint Laurent was inspired by its hues and textures. Don’t forget to stop in at a spice market, one of Morocco’s finest and most fragrant treasures. You’ll fall in love with Morocco’s colors, culture, and cuisine.

How to Get There: Colors of Morocco tour

tel aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

With iconic white Bauhaus buildings and palm tree-dotted promenades, the historic city of Tel Aviv is a worldwide must-see. In the ancient port city of Jaffa, which is today part of Tel Aviv, you’ll find a stunning view of ancient coastal ruins with glass-and-steel skyscrapers for a backdrop. The city, previously seen as a technological and economic center, has become a cultural hub known for its innovative mindset, world-class art scene, and renowned cuisine. Better yet, some of Israel’s most iconic attractions are within reach from Tel Aviv: the ancient Roman capital of Caesarea, the Valley of Armageddon, and the Baha’i Shrine and Gardens on Mount Carmel. Tel Aviv will take you on a journey through ancient and future Israel.

torres del paine

How to Get There: Iconic Israel tour

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Adventure travel continues to trend in 2020, and Patagonia offers the idyllic experience for thrill-seekers and naturalists alike. The Argentine side of this region features dramatic cliffs and sprawling grasslands, while the Chilean side has glaciers, fjords, and temperate rainforests. On Chile’s side of “the Edge of the World,” Torres del Paine National Park is a must-see. A hike or ride through this UNESCO biosphere reserve will give you a taste of Chile and Argentina’s most untamed landscapes. Among the jagged mountains, ethereal teal waters, and expansive grasslands, you may spot soaring condors, inquisitive guanacos (llamas), and independent felines. Marvel at the cascading waterfalls and iridescent glaciers as you make your way through. A small-ship cruise of Patagonia’s splintered coasts and islands will get you up-close-and-personal with these unspoiled natural wonders.

How to Get There: Patagonia: Edge of the World tour

palermo cathedral

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo is where Italy’s renowned culture, history, and cuisine meets endless almond groves, historic wonders, and an eerie volcano. This island capital city of Sicily will take you through centuries of history with its Moorish, Norman, Spanish Baroque, and Neo-Classical architecture. Palermo will quickly find its way to your heart through your stomach. Think: unbelievably fresh seafood, elite farm-to-fork ingredients, and generations of inherited culinary prestige. But before you eat your way into a food coma, see the Politeama Concert Hall, the Massimo Opera House, and the medieval ruins of Castello a Mare. Drive by the Spanish Walls and City Gates and the University’s Botanical Gardens. Visit Palermo’s Cathedral and admire the imposing exterior of the Palace of the Normans. This is the island vacation you didn’t know you needed.

How to Get There: Southern Italy & Sicily tour

lake powell

Lake Powell, Utah & Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Take an unforgettable journey to the National Parks of America. Lake Powell in Utah is an ethereal, though manmade, body of water that feels too stunning to be real. The sparkling teal waters that flooded breathtaking red rock canyons after the 1963 creation of a dam only added to its beauty. Embark on a breakfast cruise of Lake Powell, and you won’t believe you’re still on planet earth. Just over the Arizona border in the “canyon capital of the world” is Antelope Canyon. This awe-inspiring geological wonder is a result of thousands of years of weather erosion. Its dramatic sandstone walls are eerily rounded and smooth. For an intimate look, take a leisurely walk at the bottom of Upper Antelope Canyon, an iconic portion of the canyon that requires a tour guide to enter. The region is packed with jaw-dropping natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, but these off-the-beaten-path locales will blow you away.

How to Get There: Canyon Country tour

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