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Reviews Of Iconic Israel

Iconic Israel

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  • Colette did not appear to be concerned about the problems we had.

    • Service
      The first leg of our trip to Israel US was canceled By British Airways. Initially, there was no reassurance that a similar flight could be book and intially, there was uncertainty as to how soon a new flight could be booked. We were first told we would be leaving the following day but after re-arranging things, were were booked on a flight we had no choice about and and did not have the upgraded seats we paid a substantial sum for. We paid for an upgrade because of the length of the flight, my husband is a large man, and we are both seniors and we have some health issues. We have yet to receive a refund from British Airways for the additional money we paid and service we did not receive. Colette reps told us that Colette would take care of this and make sure we received a refund. Friday, January 18, 2019 marks three months with no further word from Colette other than this email. The change in flights also required a longer layover at London Heathrow and increased our travel time. I had no sleep for over 24 hours as a result. We also missed the first night of our tour because of the change in flights. It was my understanding Colette was going to reimburse us for that. I think we may have received notice that of the possibility of a small voucher toward another trip. Because of the travel issues, we less than 4 hours of sleep after arriving in Tel Aviv before we needed to be ready to board a bus. It took us several days to recover, and in fact, my husband became ill toward the end of our tour to the point that he was in bed for over 24 hours before we finally left. We really were made to feel as if no one at Colette was at all concerned about the inconveniences that affected our trip. In addition, the insurance coverage we paid for was misrepresented to us. We were told there was coverage if we needed to cancel for any reason. When the airline canceled, we were told the insurance would not apply. I still don't understand why we could not have received a full refund if we were not satisfied with the substitute flight arrangements, since you were able to book us on another flight, albeit an inferior one. We thought that was quite unfair, as we did not cancel cancel the trip and we were not consulted about the alternative arrangements before they were made. In addition, we were promised returned telephone call which were never made. This is the first we are hearing from Colette in three months. I probably should not have awarded 3 stars - the only reason I did so was that I did enjoy many of the sights in the Holy Land, but still have bad feelings about the trip and not very positive feelings about Colette. I would like to return to Israel under better circumstances, but my husband's feeling about the trip are so negative, he is not interested. He's also quite vocal about his dissatisfaction when people ask him about the trip. How about if you keep your promise to make arrangements for the refund of our payment for the upgraded seats we did not get?
    • Tour
      We enjoyed most of the sights. The Garden of Gethsemane stands out, as does The Masada. We were tired because of the problems with travel arrangements, so were not able to enjoy things as much as we could have.
  • After a rough start, the trip went well.

    • Service
      4 stars
      Our first two connecting flights were cancelled, and we had to reschedule flights so the first couple of days were rough. Because of this we had to get a hotel for a few hours. We were reimbursed less than 50%. I paid for an extra event that was cancelled. I still haven't been reimbursed. The rest of the trip was informative and went pretty smoothly.
    • Tour
      The trip was expensive, especially since I didn't have a room mate.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette to Israel. The Travel Delay benefit of our travel insurance does have a maximum benefit of $100 per person per day for hotel expenses. According to our notes, the optional tour Genesis Land: Ancient Hebrew Hospitality and Abraham's Feast was refunded back to your credit card November 21st, 2018.

    Collette Support
    • Service
      I have written a long evaluation that has been sent to Collette.
    • Tour
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    Thank you for your comments. We have left you a voicemail asking you to reach out and review your feedback.

    Collette Support

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