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Dear Guests & Travel Professionals, Collette Family & Friends,

It seems as if in a blink of an eye, everything changed. And in a way, it has. For so many of us our everyday is far from ordinary as we stay at home and do our part to help the world heal.

Right now, we all are keeping a greater physical distance, but emotionally, we’re coming closer together. We’re seeing it manifest in so many ways – from video chats with friends to daily check-in texts, nightly dinners with our families to sharing similar struggles online with others all around the world.

There is no denying we will emerge from this personally changed. But one thing we’ve learned in our 102-year history – the love for travel never fades.

The desire to set out and connect with new cultures, taste new foods, and experience a slice of life unlike your own is rooted deep within us all. Travel isn’t just a thing we do. It’s a feeling – a part of life that fills us with joy, engages our curiosity, and broadens our perspectives. It is everlasting.

While the two of us stay in our respective homes doing our part to keep our communities safe, we talk about how travel will be back again – better than it’s ever been. The thing that will change is our perception of it.

Having all shared this same situation, we hope to find a more empathetic and more engaged world, creating more profound connections in every aspect of our life.

Once again, we will pick out our favorite clothes and tuck them neatly in our suitcase. Soon enough we will eagerly sit on the tarmac, ready to jet off to a new destination. We will step foot in new places and feel the energy of a new adventure. Travel will be back.

Being in business for 102 years, we’ve seen many trying times like these. We use learnings from the past to apply them to today. We make sure our guests and employees are safe. We support our travel professionals and their unique challenges. We take care of our families and check in on our loved ones. We talk about past adventures and future hopes.

In whatever shape or form it may take, we can promise Collette will be here for YOU – now and always.

We encourage you to recall the special moments you’ve had while traveling and talk about future plans. Share these stories with friends, family, and the countless communities of travelers online. Let’s look fondly on our past with a hopeful eye toward the future.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your family. And when the time is right, we’ll be ready to experience the joy of travel to reconnect us all.

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Dan Sullivan, Jr., CEO

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Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, President

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