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Reviews Of Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands

Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands

From $6,869 pp*

15 Days • 29-30 Meals

    • Service
      4 stars
      They were easy to talk to and found the answer fast. But when we emailed and asked a question there never was a answer back.
    • Tour
      The tour was very well organized, But having a 9 yr old child running around and butting in, pushing people out of the way, and having to babysit him is not what we paid for!,, They don’t understand what is really said or going on. Also having someone who couldn’t walk more than a hafe a block on this kind of tour is so wrong. It takes up the guides time and others who had to help out. The tour guides tried to make it work. But even he was supprised to see this person on this trip. **** The tour guide was very knowledgeable and great to be around. The add on tours at the end were less than good. We really didn’t do anything much but travel and told to shop. The host family seemed nice but we were told that they don’t eat or talk with you “ it is not politically correct “ then how do we get to experience their life. It just felt like being dropped off in a hotel and eating in a restaurant. Our guide spent most of her time in her room. One of the bus drivers on the add on. Drove less than safe, trying to get places faster than needed. Going well above the posted limits. Passing on corners any time is so wrong, I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it back in one piece.
  • Main trip a 4, add on a 1

    • Service
      The main tour we took was very good, a few minor things but we’ll worth it. We added on a three day extension, this was at best a 1. A family visit where you couldn’t even eat with them, a one person “music” factory, one old lady weaving was the weaving factory.
    • Tour
      4 stars
      Well done, professional tour manager, did all the things advertised with good quality hotels and meals
  • Our great group of travel partners.

    • Service
      5 stars
      Collette goes above and beyond in making every trip special. Their tour managers and guides are the best and the accommodations are always top notch. We have been on 4 Collette trips and are planning our 5th.
    • Tour
      5 stars
      We were at a high point outside of Cusco City taking pictures late in the afternoon and when we turned around Collette had set up tables with linen tablecloths and waiters serving us Champaign, mimosas with fresh mango juice, and chocolates and fresh pastries. They alway go the extra step to make your trip memorable.

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