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The Irish Pub Guide

Lane A
by Lane Atteridge

December 17, 2018

2 minute read

There’s no place on earth quite like an Irish pub. Dark, cozy, filled with lighthearted chatter and music, any getaway to Ireland isn’t complete without raising a few pints in one of these charming establishments. If you’re new to the Emerald Isle, check out our four rules that will let you blend in with the locals. They’re more like guidelines, but it will give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you head to the pub.

1. Keep it simple

2 The Irish Pub Guide

Irish pubs generally aren’t known for their martinis and cosmos. They’re known for Guinness, and beer in general. Often times, if you just ask for a “pint,” the server by default will serve you a pint of Guinness. So, keep it simple, and try not to ask for a drink menu.

2. Buy your round

There’s a long and storied tradition in pubs among locals, where each member of the group takes their turn buying a round of drinks for the whole group. If you’re out with Irish locals, you’ll see this in action. Give it a try yourself, even if you’re with other travelers. When in Ireland, do as the Irish do.

3. Make friends

3 The Irish Pub Guide

Irish pubs aren’t just places to drink. They’re social hubs, where friends meet and chat, and where strangers meet and become friends. A smile, a hello, and a generally good attitude will have you making friends fast. The Irish love American travelers, and they’re probably eager to tell you.

4. No need to tip

Tipping is an American thing, and it’s rare in Ireland. If you’re going to tip anything, you can round up the bill to the nearest whole Euro and leave the change. No need to break out the calculator and figure out what 15% is.

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