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Explore the World

Your next big adventure starts here. Dive into our complete collection of worldwide travel experiences. Find seven continents in a single stunning book.

2024 2025 Explorations Front Cover


On a small group Explorations tour, dive deeper. Get to know the pulse of a destination by talking with the people who live there. With an average of 16 travelers, get to really know your fellow travelers, Tour Manager, and local guides.

AfricanSafari 2024 2025

African Safari

It’s time to say "let’s go" on your safari adventure.

American US 2024 2


From the laid-back sunshine of the West Coast to the autumnal colors of New England and the flavors of the American South, America isn’t just one thing — it’s many.

2024 2025 Collette National Parks Brochure

United States National Parks

America’s national parks are a gift to humanity. They offer a sanctuary of natural beauty, preserve diverse ecosystems, and invite travelers to connect with awe-inspiring landscapes.