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Traveler Spotlight: 20 Tours with the Tankus Family

Alex Shaked
by Alex Shaked

October 04, 2022

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August 11th was a big day. It was the first ever departure of Collette’s Montana: Exploring Big Sky Countrytour. Equally as important to us: That departure marked the 20th Collette tour for travelers Barbara and Abe Tankus. We caught up with them after they got back to chat about their experiences, on this tour and all of their adventures over the years. 

“We’re retired, so we’re continually looking for places to go,” Barbara said. ““We had a lot of fun (in Montana). The tour guide was absolutely wonderful. The people on the trip were very cohesive. And we had a good time! We usually do. Collette has got us spoiled.”

Unique Locales

They’ve been globetrotting with us for quite a while, and they’ve experienced some incredible destinations: Portugal, Peru, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Iceland, and Greece, to name just a few. And despite their extensive experience as travelers, they still find surprises in new places. 

Three places that were unexpected gems for Mrs. Tankus? South Africa, India, and Iceland. 
“I never thought I would say this, because I was a Big City girl, but I prefer the jungles and the animals,” she said. “My husband insisted we go to India. I in no way wanted to go to India. But then we went, and I’d do it again. It was fascinating. It was so different. It was amazing.” 

Similarly, they enjoyed the total shift in perspective they found in the land of Ice and Fire. “We went to Iceland, and that was like going to another planet,” Barbara said. “It was so different. The scenery, everything about it was so different to what we’re accustomed to.” 

On the Road Again
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the restrictions that placed on travelers, Abe and Barbara shifted their focus back to travel within the United States, including some back-to-back tours in New England, and a back-to-back of our America’s Music Cities and Bluegrass Country & the Smoky Mountains tours to scope out Appalachia and the South.

Regardless if their tour is bringing them to far-flung destinations like Colombia or something a little closer to home like San Antonio, Texas, the Tankus family prefers guided travel, and they’re big fans of small group Explorations, like their recent Montana trip. And no matter the size of the group though, a perfect trip to the Tankus family is one that includes hands-on, deep dives into culture. “I particularly like the tours where we do hands-on things, like we did in Japan," Barbara said. “We learned to do things like silk screening and I really enjoy that.”

The Never-Ending Bucket List

So, what’s next for these whirlwind world travelers? 

Mr. Tankus has his sights set on Old World Sicily and Malta, and Mrs. Tankus wants to get back into nature on our African Safari: Kenya and Tanzania small group tour. They’re planning on a stop in Canyon Country, too!

We love hearing from our travelers — stories from the road, trips that changed you, experiences that stayed with you. Thank you, Barbara and Abe, for sharing your journey with us.

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