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Visiting the Christmas Markets with My Family

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by Kathy Sullivan

December 21, 2022

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I was sitting by the fireplace tonight with a very warm fire and watching football. We are patriots fans, but they lost badly.

As I sat there I went into my Facebook page and my memories popped up. I love it when the memories turn up. It brings back so many great times in your life.

On this day, pictures from our trip to the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria, appeared and brought back such a flood of images and memories of this very special trip.

Christmas Markets

Carriage ride

Dan and I made plans for this trip, along with our kids and grandkids, about a year before, to make this trip a reality.

We left on December 14, 2019 with my 3 kids, Danny, Jaclyn and Nicole, their spouses and six of my eight grandchildren.

Nicole and family

Nicole and Kathy with mountain landscape

The excitement for all of us was off the charts. The kids had never been to Europe or traveled on a long plane ride. The kids ranged in age from 5-9 years old.

We started our trip in Innsbruck, Austria. It was beautifully decorated for Christmas and once we got a good night sleep, we began to explore the city.


The street markets had so many amazing things to see and so many Christmas things to buy. Jewelry, toys, woolens, and decorations. The kids had so much fun buying Christmas gifts for their parents, teachers and friends.

Christmas Markets 2

We did a walking tour of the city and had street food meals a couple of times. The kids really loved that.

From Innsbruck, we went to Germany. We made a stop in Rothenberg and stayed at a beautiful old world hotel.

We shopped at Kathe Wolfhart’s Christmas store. Stepping inside this store was like going to Santa’s workshop. There were Christmas lights everywhere and ornaments, linens, wooden mangers, stockings, Christmas trees and anything beyond your wildest dreams that is Christmas related.

Dan and Kathy Sullivan with nutcracker

We ended our trip in Munich. Again we saw such gorgeous views and sights. We did go to the famous Beer Garden in Munich where we had lunch and, of course, beer. The beer mugs were the size of your head!! It was so much fun when we heard folk bands playing polkas that are related to the region.

I can say traveling with your family is a great way to see the world. Adults and kids of all ages can enjoy together the beauty and adventures of the world. If you have thought about a trip with your kids and grandkids, don’t hesitate. They grow so fast and the sweet innocence on their faces is something you should enjoy yourself. It is special and something you will love remembering….forever.

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