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Coming soon! The Balkans: From Coastal Croatia to Legendary Greece

Anna Drake
by Anna Drake

April 29, 2024

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If you’re looking to discover some of the less-traveled corners of Europe, you’ve come to the right place. The Balkans: From Coastal Croatia to Legendary Greece takes you across five countries on an immersive journey through culture, history, and nature. Explore them all in a small group and access venues and experiences that larger groups can’t always reach. Ready to go? Let's dive into some exciting experiences you can look forward to on tour.


A young nation with an ancient history, Croatia is known for its Roman ruins, walled towns, and stunning national parks. Fun fact: Dalmatian dogs were first bred in Croatia (in the Dalmatia region, of course).

  • Tour the wonderfully diverse capital city of Zagreb with a local guide.
  • Make your choice in beautiful Dubrovnik – take a scenic cable-car ride up Srdj Mountain or explore the city’s medieval walls.
  • Enjoy a stay with a local family in the charming village of Karanac and experience life in the Croatian countryside with hands-on experiences such as preparing meals and baking bread.


This beautiful, mountainous country is famed for its rich traditions of folklore and hospitality. Fun fact: The country’s symbol is a black, double-headed eagle, and in Albanian its name means land of the eagles.

  • Discover the capital city of Tirana and visit its Cold War-era bunkers, which are now museums.
  • Enjoy an immersive folklore program during a traditional Albanian dinner.
  • Visit the Ottoman-era town of Gjirokastra and tour its breathtaking castle.


The best-known Balkan nation and the birthplace of democracy, Greece boasts a rich history that has influenced Western civilization for centuries. Fun fact: Greece has more varieties of olives than any other country.

  • In Meteora, visit the Monastery of Varlaam, situated on an imposing rock and known for its beautiful frescoes.
  • Visit a traditional workshop in Kalambaka to see how Orthodox icons are made.
  • Take in the iconic sites of Athens with a local guide and dive even deeper with a visit to the Acropolis Museum.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

This Balkan country declared its independence in 1992; rich in history, it’s becoming a favorite destination for travelers around the world. Fun fact: The 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo marked the first time they’d been hosted by a communist state (the former Yugoslavia).

  • Discover Sarajevo’s famed Tunnel of Hope with a local guide and meet a survivor of the city’s siege.
  • Enjoy a home-hosted dinner in Sarajevo, filled with regional specialties, Bosnian coffee, and plenty of traditional sevdah music.


Once a part of Yugoslavia and then in a union with Serbia, Montenegro (“black mountain”) has been an independent republic since 2006. Fun fact: Montenegrins are the world’s second-tallest people (the Dutch are first).

  • Sail through the scenic waters of Boka Bay, on the Adriatic coast.
  • Explore one of the country’s top attractions: Our Lady of the Rocks Island, a stunning islet in Boka Bay.
  • Take a city tour through the medieval walls, churches, and palaces of Kotor.

The best thing about this tour? You don’t have to choose a country, you get to experience all five!

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