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Israel: Experiences to Savour in the Land of Milk & Honey

by Alyssa Smith

May 22, 2019

2 minute read

Israel’s culinary scene is a convergence of European, Arabic and Asian traditions. And as of late, foodies have come to Israel in search of authentic Israeli cuisine, fusion dishes and world-renowned wines. If you find yourself in the “Land of Milk and Honey,” seek out these Israeli foods and gastronomic highlights:

irsaeli shuk 

The Freshest Produce

Thanks to a year-round growing season, you’ll see everything from fresh tomatoes, eggplants and peppers to melons, oranges, bananas, berries and dates lining your plate in Israel. From the fertile Jordan River Valley to the shores of the Mediterranean, the produce here is unmatched.

israeli spices

Bustling Marketplaces

The Mahane Yehuda Market, better known as The Shuk, engages all your senses. Colourful spices and herbs are stacked alongside olives and cheeses. The smell of sizzling meat kebabs emanates through the air. Vendors barter and squeeze fresh pomegranate juice for those looking for a refreshing drink. It’s in The Shuk where you’ll find the beating heart of Israel’s culinary scene.


Strong Culinary Traditions

Much of traditional Orthodox Israeli culture is rooted in coming together to break bread and reflect during the Shabbat, a day of reverence and rest that lasts from sundown on Friday through nightfall on Saturday night. Even if you’re not Orthodox, Shabbat welcomes all to celebrate food, family and faith.

Israel Vineyards

Wine Country That Rivals Napa Valley

Wine has been a part of Israeli life since biblical times, deeply rooted in tradition but also evolving with modern life. The wine is particularly delicious in Golan Heights, a fertile yet rugged landscape that sits along the east of the Sea of Galilee. Walk alongside the sun-soaked vines and taste sparkling wines, organic chardonnay and Bordeaux blends.

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