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Israel: A Journey of Faith

Starting From $3,599 pp*

8 Days • 14 Meals

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  • I highly recommend Collette and look forward to using them again.

    • Service
      Overall a great trip. The accommodations were great until the last night. Couldn’t even fit 2 suitcases in the room. The Marriott in Petra had the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Lunch and dinner was the same type of food the whole trip, that got old real fast but maybe that’s all they eat. I was annoyed with the earphones because I had so much around my neck but I missed having them in Jordan. The bus driver in Israel was on his cell phone most of the time while driving. The bus in Jordan could be cleaner and many of the seats were broken. The tour guides were knowledgeable, professional and very accommodating. And your customer service in the US that helped me plan my trip was also fantastic.
    • Tour
      The day in Petra

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Israel: A Journey of Faith tour. We're happy to hear that overall you had a great tour We appreciate you taking the time to identify areas of improvement. Your feedback will be reviewed by our Product Design Team so that the overall touring experience for our guests can be improved.

    Collette Support
  • Room from Hell

    • Service
      Our return flight was canceled at midnight and we weren’t able to contact our tour manager for help. We didn’t know what to do. We finally just called Collette directly and were told one thing, while another guest with the same cancellation was told another thing. We did what were told and waited at Lufthansa’s check in for 45 minutes while they tried to find us in their system. British Airways would not release us and finally Lufthansa told us to go back to British airways. The other guest had already checked into a new flight from their own instructions which had been different from ours. We had to wait another hour to get checked in. We felt like we were on our own, Collette didn’t help us at all. Why were we treated differently and told something completely different?
    • Tour
      As Christians, we were very offended at the last hotel in Jerusalem when we were placed in room 666. We were afraid to request another room because we didn’t know where else they would put us. Besides that, Collette should consider another chain of hotels besides the Leonardo, they were very dated. We felt rushed, it would have been nice to have more time at each site. A lot of my pictures came out blurred from trying to take them while on the go. We enjoyed the Dead Sea excursion but also felt more time would have been nice there as well.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Israel: A Journey of Faith. We're sorry to hear you experienced issues on tour. A member of the Guest Relations Team will be reaching out to discuss your feedback.

    Collette Support
  • Wonderful but not enough time to enjoy the sites

    • Service
      Our guide was just okay but rushed us around a lot. The days were very full and scheduled tightly meaning we had little time to sightsee and take photos. He did not allow us to shop and said we would have time at the end of the tour to do so. We were only given less than an hour on the last day and that was not enough time. Also, we were not given breakfast or a voucher for it on the last day, meaning the long drive to the airport was done in hunger. The bus driver Mo was amazing! He was an excellent driver.
    • Tour
      For the amount of money being paid, we should have had better hotels. The second hotel in Tiberias was disgusting and dirty. The TV and phone didn’t work. We didn’t receive our wake up call due to the broken phone; luckily I had set my own alarm. Maybe the phone didn’t work because they didn’t want anyone to call down and complain! The Tower of David excursion was not worth the money at all. It was just lights projected on a wall for 30 minutes. At each site, it was very rushed, shuttled on and off the bus, only able to take photos while walking, not even allowed to stop. A trip like this might be better at 14 days to be able to take everything in and have enough time. The days were so packed that we had no free time to explore or shop. Overall it’s off my bucket list at least. I’m used to getting what I pay for. And for what I paid, plus with added travel insurance expense on top of that, I feel I didn’t receive that. It felt like a bargain trip, hotels felt like hostels, but I didn’t pay for that.

    Thank you for traveling on our Israel: A Journey of Faith tour. We're very sorry to hear about the issues you experienced on tour. A member of the Guest Relations Team will be reaching out to discuss your feedback.

    Collette Support

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