Survival Tours

Collette Introduces Survival Tours!

by Kristen Gilbert

April 01, 2017

3 minute read

We are excited to announce that in addition to our Classic, Explorations, Spotlight and River Cruise tour types, we will be adding Survival Tours starting this year! These tours are specifically designed with today’s adventurers in mind!

Are you up for the challenge?

There’s no need to worry about remembering to bring creature comforts like your phone charger or your travel pillow with you on one of these tours! All you need is a sturdy pair of hiking boots and the will to live in even the harshest of conditions.

Join a famous television survivalist who will act as your tour manager, showing you how to tackle tremendous obstacles in real survival situations.

Choose from a variety of carefully curated experiences

Our tour designers have been hard at work researching and exploring some of the most intriguing survival situations. Choose from the following exciting adventures:

  • Lost at Sea
  • Stuck in a Swamp
  • Wandering the Woods
  • Deserted in the Desert
  • Running Through a Rainforest
  • Freezing in the Frozen Tundra

No matter what situation you choose, we guarantee you will be frightened, hungry and exhausted—just like the real thing because it is the real thing.

Immersive Experiences

Enjoy such immersive experiences as foraging for berries, running from a bear, building a shelter and a bed out of leaves, sticks and rocks and collecting drinking water with your socks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how refreshing sock water can be when it’s the only water you have!

Culinary Adventures

Cooking demonstrations include how to catch and cook small woodland creatures, birds, reptiles and fish. Develop an appreciation for new food textures like crunch, squish and wiggle as you sample various types of insect cuisine from succulent scorpions to savoury cicadas.

Choice on Tour

As with all of our tours, we like to provide our guests with lots of choices on tour and time to explore on their own. On Survival Tours, you have plenty of time to go on optional excursions away from your tour manager (although we don’t recommend it). You can choose to extend your tour, or take two tours back-to-back! Imagine being lost at sea and then deserted in the desert! It’s all up to you.

It doesn’t get more immersive than this for the nature lover! These tours are filling up fast, so put on your adventurer’s cap and book your tour today!

And if you are still reading this...APRIL FOOLS!!

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