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Without an agreement between the House, Senate and White House, the government will shut down on Saturday September 30, 2023 at midnight. The impact to our Tours will be limited to those visiting some Federal Sites & National Parks across the country. Some states including Utah, Arizona and Colorado have indicated that they will provide the necessary funding to keep the National Parks operating. Other states are considering similar measures.

If we are unable to operate or your tour is altered due to the government shutdown, we will contact you directly prior to departure.


Experiencing Yellowstone

by Cassie Stetkiewicz

September 22, 2016

2 minute read

Everything I had imagined and more! That is my experience of Yellowstone National Park.

It is vast, diverse, majestic and peaceful, truly a nature lovers dream. It is somewhere I have always wanted to go and was thrilled to be there this year during this Centennial Celebration of the National Park Service. In addition, arriving early in the season turned out to be an added bonus – less people and the some of the animals had recently given birth.

My visit satisfied the history buff along with the nature lover in me. It was a special experience to explore the world's first national park and one of the most exciting things I experienced was getting up-close to hundreds of Bison (close but not too close of course).

Standing in the park in what I learned to be a massive, ancient volcano was inspiring. But most of all, I was captivated as I watched the world famous “Old Faithful” geyser erupting – named for its predictable frequent eruptions and said to reach heights of 90 feet in the air. Pictures do not do it justice!


There is so much to see, and discovering the unique colorful “pots” of steaming sometimes bubbling water or mud was one of the most incredible sights of the day. Spending a day feels like I only scratched the surface, and I am excited to return someday to finish delving into its treasures.

fountain paint pots

Now as one of the park’s biggest fans, I feel everyone should make the trip. I have not experienced anything like it in all of my travels and want to let the world know, you too should go and see for yourself. It is remarkable.

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