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Celebrating Our Tour Mangers

by John Doe

May 12, 2022

2 minute read

Our Tour Managers across the world help make travel dreams come true. They bring expertly crafted itineraries to life, acting as a guide, a host, and a friend while you’re on the road experiencing something new. Collette traveler Nicole M. told us that her Tour Manager George G. made her experience on our Greece Island Hopper tour amazing, and we wanted to share her words with you: 

“Our incredible tour guide George (G) made this tour amazing!! He truly goes above and beyond for his guests. I have traveled the world. I have traveled with various tour companies, I have been on two other tours with Collette, and therefore I can speak from experience. George is the best tour guide I have had the opportunity to travel with. He takes the time to make certain each one of his guests is comfortable, safe, and he finds out what unique things each one of us wants to see while on the tour. He treats his guests like family. I have never seen anything like this!

George is professional, organized, patient, kind, and his knowledge of Greek history, culture, and mythology is impressive. He has a welcoming way about him that puts everyone's worries to ease. I had a very frustrating experience with my covid test the night before I was getting ready to fly home, and this was well after our Collette tour had ended. My husband and I spent a few extra days in Greece. I reached out to George, not knowing if he had time to help us or not. George talked me through the entire process of what I needed to do, calmed me, and to my surprise called our cab driver the next day to make sure we were on our way to the airport and that all was well.

It is clear George's job is not just work to him, it is of a higher purpose. It seems to me George’s work is a calling to him, a ministry even. He gives of his heart and that is priceless. He not only welcomes his guests, he educates, and gives a life altering experience that leaves one reflecting and finding new depth and meaning in life. He honors his Greek heritage, and the ideal of what a host should be. …”

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