More about Dublin, Ireland

No journey to the Emerald Isle would be complete without visiting its enchanting capital, the “fair city” of Dublin. Discover elegant Georgian townhouses, traditional taverns, and iconic Irish sites along the River Liffey. With the help of our local experts and travel guides, you’ll be treated to Céad Mile Fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes) when you touch down in Dublin town.

Why visit Dublin


The charm of Dublin is best experienced with a leisurely stroll through its city streets. Travel in stride with your guide as you discover stately architecture, iconic monuments, and plenty of personality. Here are some main thoroughfares we know you’ll be delighted by in Dublin.


Whether you yearn to trace your cultural roots back to the city or simply want to relax with a pint in hand, our local guides know every nook and cranny of Dublin that’s worth exploring. From your first moments in Ireland’s inviting capital, you’ll see how easy it is to stumble across an iconic site. Here are just some of the highlights you’ll witness while traveling with Collette in Dublin.


Head to one of Dublin’s many museums to further immerse yourself in its diverse culture. Whether you’re looking for a crash course in Irish history, a day of modern art, or a backstory on the game of camogie, our local guides have the inside track on the best museums of the city. Here are a few favourites that have delighted guests throughout the years Collette has travelled to Ireland’s capital.