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Colombia continues to surprise travellers with its lush landscapes, colourful streetscapes and resilient, passionate culture. Sitting on the northern tip of South America, this Latin American country has a complex history that continues to evolve and flourish. Whether you find yourself stepping to the beat of the salsa, sauntering through the rainbow-hued neighborhoods, or sharing stories with a friendly native, Colombia will renew your zest for life.  

Destination Must-Sees

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Old Town Cartagena

This colourful, walled city has a lively vibe that’s perfectly punctuated by colonial architecture, historic castles, and delicious eateries. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Cartagena was a major port city for decades and became synonymous with great wealth and precious treasures. Step back in time and explore the Castillo De San Felipe de Barajas, a fortress constructed to deter curious pirates and invaders.

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Medellín’s Comuna 13

Once overrun by crime and corruption, Medellín’s Comuna 13 neighbourhood has slowly been transforming itself into a vibrant, cosmopolitan hub. Discover stunning graffiti art and the outdoor escalators – an innovative solution to helping residents in barrios access other parts of the city.

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Cocora Valley

At the foot of the Andes you’ll find one of Colombia’s most captivating natural wonders – Cocora Valley. In addition to panorama views of emerald-colored mountains, you’ll find the valley is full of soaring wax palm trees. You can explore the magnificent Cocora Valley aboard equipped 4x4 jeeps known as "Willys."

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Colombia’s multicultural capital city offers travellers an excellent introduction to the pleasures of Colombia. Here, you can amble through plazas steeped in history, peruse bustling street markets filled with exotic fruits, and discover a variety of fascinating museums. Adventurous travellers can board a funicular to Monserrate, the imposing mountain that looms over the city, and see breathtaking views of Bogotá.

Destination Must-Do's

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Dance the salsa

This genre of dance is infused with passion and personality aplenty. Evolving from a combination of Cuban and Caribbean dance forms, the Colombians have adopted their own unique salsa moves, referred to as “Cali-Style Salsa.” Break out your dancing shoes and see if you have what it takes to salsa like a true Colombian.

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Visit Paloquemao Market

Discover the veritable feast that is Bogotá’s Paloquemao Market. Here, you’ll find a dazzling array of exotic fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, herbs, and flowers. Tickle each one of your senses as you amble through this delightful market.

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Drink Colombian coffee

Colombia is internationally known for its high-quality coffee. The country’s biodiversity makes it ideal for growing these magic beans, and approximately 11.5 million bags of coffee are exported each year. Whilst visiting Colombia you’ll have several opportunities to learn about the coffee-making process and sample some of this delicious brew.

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Discover Colombian emeralds

Colombia stakes its claim as the world’s largest producer of the striking emerald gemstone. In fact, it’s believed that the people of Colombia have been mining these precious green gems as early as A.D. 500. Learn of the emerald’s complex role in Colombia’s history and economy whilst on tour here.

Expert Advice


Diana Ditto

Sr. Director of Product Marketing
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As you drive through the coffee region, you’ll see coffee plants as far as the eye can see. Colombians are the coffee experts ­– and for good reason! They are the 3rd largest producers of coffee beans and specialize in Arabica beans. They take these bragging rights very seriously. Each bean is handpicked and sorted to guarantee that the coffee they produce is of the utmost quality. And delivering a delicious, hot cup of coffee is exactly what they do. Drink it like a local and take it with no cream or sugar. 

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Leave your hesitation behind and get your first taste of Colombian atmosphere and culture at the Paloquemao Market. Of course, you’ll see some well-known exotic fruits like the papaya, passionfruit and the starfruit, but keep looking and you’ll see fruits and vegetables you never knew existed. My personal favourite is the granadilla. On the outside it looks like an orange, but on the inside, it is full of a juicy pulp that is absolutely delicious.
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Amp up the adventure and cruise through Salento valley whilst standing in the back of a Willy (4x4 jeep). Locals use these jeeps because they handle the uneven mountainous terrain better than the average truck and there’s still a surplus of them left over from WWII. Feel the wind in your hair whilst you take in rolling hills covered in avocado and wax palm trees.