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Quick Tips for Spotting the Northern Lights in Finland, Alaska, and Iceland

Jodie Day
by Jodie Day

August 09, 2023

3 minute read

Looking for the northern lights in Finland? How about in Alaska or Iceland? This is one natural phenomenon that’s worth crossing off your bucket list as soon as you get the chance. No matter where your adventures take you, here are some tips for spotting nature’s painted night sky.

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Searching for the Northern Lights in Finland?

To increase your chances of spotting the northern lights in Finland, consider these tips:

  • Visit a location far from light pollution, such as Lapland, for clearer visibility.
  • Take advantage of clear and cold nights (preferably during the winter months from mid-August to early April) when the skies are darkest.
  • Keep an eye on aurora forecasts and local weather updates to plan your outing.
  • Patience is key; sometimes the lights may appear early, while other times they might test your persistence.
  • Dress warmly in layers, bring hot beverages, and have your camera ready to capture the dancing lights across the Arctic sky.

Interesting in visiting a Lappish wonderland to search for the ever-elusive northern lights? Start planning your adventure today on The Northern Lights of Finland tour.

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Looking for Auroras in Alaska?

Follow these tips for the best opportunities to spot the northern lights in Alaska:

  • Settle in Fairbanks or Denali for a remote location away from urban lights.
  • Choose clear nights in the peak season of March when the skies are darkest.
  • Stay informed about aurora forecasts and local weather conditions for careful planning.
  • Embrace patience, as nature’s appearance is always unpredictable.
  • Prepare for frigid temperatures by wearing insulated layers, keeping heated inserts, and proper hiking boots (if constantly on the move).
  • Have your camera ready with a long exposure setting to capture the northern lights if they choose to put on a show.

If you’re looking for an authentic Alaskan experience while searching for the northern lights, we got you covered. Check out Alaska’s Northern Lights and Alaska: America’s Last Frontier to immerse yourself in nature all the way from Fairbanks to Talkeetna.

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Want to Chase Iceland’s Illuminated Night Sky?

Experience the land of fire and ice to the fullest with these tips to spot the northern lights:

  • Visit during the dark and clear winter months from September to early April (Spring Equinox) when the nights are longest.
  • Opt for locations away from city lights, like the southern coast or the Westfjords, for better visibility.
  • Stay updated on aurora forecasts from reliable sources like the Icelandic Meteorological Office or mobile apps.
  • Keep an eye on local weather conditions and clear skies for optimal viewing.
  • Join a guided tour led by insightful experts who know the best spots.
  • If possible, plan to stay in Iceland for several nights to increase your chances of witnessing the lights.
  • If you're interested in capturing the northern lights on camera, bring a tripod, a camera with manual settings, and practice long-exposure photography techniques.

In Iceland, chasing the northern lights is only a fraction of the adventure to be had on tour. Immerse yourself in the land of fire and ice to discover Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights.

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