Travel Requirements, Trip Interruption & Payment Refunds FAQs

Collette wants to assure guests we are available to answer your questions regarding upcoming travel. If your question isn’t answered in our FAQs below, or you would like more information, sending an email to our customer care team at with your name, booking number, and phone number will ensure the fastest response.

Travel Requirements

Domestic Tours: Full vaccination against COVID-19 is required to travel on domestic tours through December 31, 2022.

International Tours: Full vaccination against COVID-19 is required to travel on all international tours departing through April 30, 2023. Some countries may require a booster dose before travel; please check the entry requirements for your destination prior to departure.

Collette defines ‘fully vaccinated’ as having completed your initial vaccination series only. This is accomplished by receiving the full number of doses of an FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccine, with the final dose given at least 14 days before the start date of your tour.

Whilst vaccination requirements are in place, travellers must be able to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. Each traveller will be asked to show their tour manager their official vaccination certificate (electronic or paper) and it must identify the traveller’s name and date of vaccination with final dose given at least 14-days before the start date of the tour. The Tour Manager will not collect and/or store vaccine, documented recovery, or test information from individual guests.

Collette has created a document covering entry requirements for every destination we travel to. As COVID-specific travel requirements change, this document is continually updated with the latest information Collette receives. Please reference this document for specific information for your tour.

Additionally, Collette has partnered with CIBT to create the Online Travel Requirements Resource for COVID-specific travel and health requirements, visas, and other travel considerations. Use this document for further instructions: How Does the CIBT Entry Guide Work?

Destination-specific information may change frequently and without prior notice. It is each traveler’s responsibility to check both of these resources frequently, including prior to tour departure, for changes that may be applicable to their destination.

If authorities or governments recommend or implement restrictions for visiting certain areas or entire countries that are part of the planned itinerary, we will make necessary alterations to the tour based on the safety and enjoyment of our guests.

All Tour Managers and Drivers guiding or driving for Collette will follow the same vaccination requirements as our travelers:

Domestic Tours: Full vaccination against COVID-19 is required to guide a domestic tour through December 31, 2022.

International Tours: Full vaccination against COVID-19 is required to guide an international tour departing through April 30, 2023.

Collette welcomes all guests, tour managers, and drivers to wear masks throughout the tour as deemed appropriate and in situations where masks are required by the country, state, municipality, and sites, attractions, or venues we visit on tour.

Guests should bring whichever personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, that they are most comfortable and confident using, as Collette will not supply PPE on tour. Hand sanitizer will be widely available for use.

Trip Interruption

Please refer to our Travel Protection Plan page for more information on Collette’s insurance. To review full plan details online or contact the insurer directly with additional questions, please click here.

Yes, COVID-19 is treated the same as other sicknesses under the terms of Collette’s insurance.

Every destination has different protocols in place to deal with Covid cases, therefore every situation is unique. We follow the guidelines of the local health authorities where we are Travelling and work with partners and staff to take care of our guests. Here's what you can expect:

  • If a guest tests positive for COVID-19 during the tour, they will be isolated in order to protect their fellow travellers and Collette staff and the guest will need to leave the tour and quarantine in accordance with local regulations. The tour will continue its planned itinerary.
  • Our head office will make accommodation arrangements for the durations of any required quarantine, either at their current hotel or an alternative hotel (if necessary, based on availability).
  • All positive cases will be reported to Collette's Guest Relations team, who will reach out to the guest by phone/email to go through the quarantine/ isolations timeline, and to evaluate any necessary updates to their return travel arrangements.
  • Guests are responsible to pay all up-front costs for the expenses they incur during their quarantine stay, including their hotel room, meals, additional cost for airfare (if necessary), and any ancillary charges.
  • It is therefore important that guests ensure they have all the resources available (i.e. an available credit card), to provide for themselves financially should they require quarantine whilst on tour. Guests that have purchased Travel Protection, upon returning home, can file a claim and submit their expense to the insurance company.
  • If a guest has purchased airfare and transfers through Collette, we will take care of rebooking their return flights and transfer(s) once guests are ready to return home. We will share the details of the new arrangements with them when completed.

Payments and Refunds

You can make a payment by using this link: Tour Status and Payment.

When prompted, simply type in your booking number and last name.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at and provide your name, booking number and phone number.

Our payment terms and conditions can be found here: Terms and Conditions

We are required to issue refunds back in the original form of payment. If we are unable to do so, Collette will issue you a check. If you paid us using several different forms of payment, these amounts will be refunded back in the same manner they were received.

For example, if you paid a deposit by check and another payment by credit card, Collette will refund you the deposit amount by check and the credit card payment to your credit card.

Your refund will be processed within approximately 4 weeks. If you are receiving a refund by credit card, it can take a full billing cycle to appear on your credit card statement once it’s processed. If we issue your refund in the form of a check, you can expect it to take about 6–8 weeks to receive it.

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