More about Johannesburg,
South Africa

The South African city of Johannesburg has seen somewhat of a renaissance over this past decade. With its myriad of museums, hip neighborhoods, and friendly, welcoming atmosphere, you’ll be able to appreciate the unique rebirth of “Jo’burg” or “Jozi,” as the locals call it. Discover the unique buzz of Johannesburg.

Why visit Johannesburg

Museums and Historic Sites

While Johannesburg has made great strides in modernising itself, the city still recognises its complex past. Travelers will find many museums and historical sites dedicated to providing insight into what once was a starkly different place. During your stay in the city, we suggest visiting these moving and educational sites.

Townships & Neighbourhoods

The influx of young entrepreneurs and revitalisation of the city’s townships and neighborhoods have helped Johannesburg transform into a locale that’s on a number of travelers’ must-see lists. From the chic streets of Sandton, to the historic district of Kliptown, we’ve found a generous range of areas for you to explore. Get lost in the excitement and energy during your visit to Jo’burg.


The food in Johannesburg is a palate-pleaser, offering traditional township meals and fusions of exotic flavors. The variety of indigenous and immigrant populations make the cuisine difficult to replicate, but a delight to be able to savor. Here is some suggested cuisine to try while in Jo’burg.