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Reviews Of Colours of Morocco

Colours of Morocco

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    • Service
      I would have given 4 stars except the buses we not equipped with bathrooms or WIFI. The bus was new but not equipped with bathrooms or WIFI??? Our tour operator, Zahir, was fabulous.....5 stars for him!! Great personality and great knowledge of the places we visited.
    • Tour
      The most memorable experience on this tour was the camel ride and encampment. It was GREAT!
  • Don’t use Collette, you’ll regret it!

    • Service
      This was the worst trip we have ever taken. The quality of the food and hotel stays were awful, and for four days out of the tour I was sick from the food. The tour was unnecessarily long. There should be more quality than quantity. There was too much hopping from one hotel to the next. After the fourth day it all started looking the same. We felt cheated even more by the extra stay tagged on at the end in Casablanca. An extra day in a crappy city made me cry. AND we could have had a shorter flight with a different route. I would have preferred paying extra to fly more direct than pay for the extra tortuous day there. This is, without exaggeration, my worst, most regrettable trip anywhere.
    • Tour
      The camel riding on The Sahara Dessert.

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  • Beautiful country, people .....needed more in-depth tour guide interaction

    • Service
      The overall tour, cities, most lodgings, and sites visited were very good, and I felt representative of the country. We did, however, have a last minute change of tour managers, which was never told to us. Sadly, this did become readily apparent tho' with many things he did not do or accomplish. We have been on many other guided tours with other companies (our first with Collette), and all of those tour guides were so much better at getting the groups acquainted (initial meet and greet, which Hicham, our Moroccan guide never did). Other tours also gave much better in-depth and lengthy information about the country, people, customs, religion, govt, etc. than Hicham. Especially on long bus travel days, Hicham did very little to explain the areas we were going through, etc. Also, even though we were a small group (20), invariably, any information he may give was only heard by those people immediately next to him - if you happened to be at the outer portion of the group, you did NOT hear what he was talking about. (No headsets were ever given out - not sure if Collette uses them) Hicham also wasn't very alert to everyone in the group (remember, only 20 people!), and at one point, going through the maze of alleys in the Medina (no actual signs at doorways to determine what is a residence or something else), 3 of us were left behind while the rest of the group entered one of these doorways. We were on our own for at least 15 minutes before he noticed we were missing! He, and also Collette, in general was negligent with the needs of one of our group who was vegetarian. She said she had notified Collette prior to the tour, and also Hicham, about her dietary preferences; but on more than one occasion, she wound up with either no meal, or one that was cobbled together and given to her later than everyone else, and we were now finished eating! Kudos, however to our wonderful, expert bus driver, Hocin, and his helper, Mohammed. They were always very courteous, helpful, and Hocin's driving, especially through the Tizi n Tichka Pass (a mind boggling switchback road through the High Atlas Mountains), put our minds at ease. Our lodging, for the most part, was excellent, especially Kasbah Xaluca in Errachidia. This truly was an oasis! Beautiful rooms, surroundings (views of the upcoming desert), and buffet food varieties for both breakfast and dinner. Would have loved to stay there an extra night, just to do nothing and lounge around the pool! One of our hotels, though, could have used some extra attention, or possibly even a different venue. At Riad Yacout, in Fes, the actual riad was very old, and extremely well done with visual upkeep. However, being so old, the main rooms' heating and hot water in our private rooms needed improvement. We were there 2 nights, and for all the time we were there, the majority of rooms had very little to no hot water for showering. The main meeting areas had free standing heaters; but it was still chilly there. Also, Hicham advised us to NOT leave the building and wander about on our own at night in Fes - he would not even do it! Not sure if this were a blanket statement of Fes, or just this area we were in...maybe a different location would have been better? The hosts and staff, however, were very nice and attentive. I felt the highlight of the trip was the camel trek and night spent in the desert! The camels were mild mannered, and their Berber handlers were excellent! The accommodations were not anything one would expect out in the desert - a flush, indoor toilet, and an indoor shower with plenty of HOT water! Watching the sun set on the dunes was a special treat! Have many wonderful pictures of this special area. So, all in all, loved the country and its many, varied sights; but would have felt a closer knowledge of this land and its people if our tour guide had been more in tune with our group.
    • Tour
      The country, people and areas we toured were very nice, and i felt representative of the country. However, as i mentioned elsewhere, our tour manager was substituted, last minute, and we were never told about this. This still would have been fine, if Hicham were a "best trained and most experienced Manager in the industry", as Collette advertises. Unfortunately, this proved to not be true; and I feel much information that could have been given by him, was not, and this made knowing about Morocco less personal. We did have one stand-out local guide in Fes, also named Hicham (2), who was EXCELLENT! If this person is not on Collette's payroll, he certainly deserves to be...he was personable, intelligent, humorous, and totally engaging with our group - everything our regular tour manager was not! I actually had 2 favorite memorable experiences - staying at Kasbah Xaluca, Errachidia, and our camel trek and stay in the desert. Kasbah Xaluca was a dream location - the accommodations were excellent, the staff friendly and helpful, and the breakfast and dinner buffets varied and delicious! Would have loved to stay there an extra day to just lounge around the pool! The camel trek was everything I had dreamed it would be - Mild natured camels, excellent Berber handlers who were very friendly and helpful, and surprising accommodations - who would expect indoor flush toilets and showers with hot water out in the desert. The surrounding dunes were a photographer's dream! Will always have fond memories of both these places!

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