More about New Orleans, Louisiana

There’s an unmistakable flair to New Orleans. The city’s rich, multicultural history is alluded to at every turn with its rainbow-hued Creole mansions and flavorful cuisine. Even if you’re not visiting for Mardi Gras or the Jazz Festival, you’ll find there’s always a good time to be had. “N’awlins” is calling. It’s time to answer.

What does Wesley love about America’s Music Cities?

As a Tour Manager, Wesley knows a lot about what brings people together as they travel. And he’s seen that there’s nothing like love of the blues, jazz, and good old rock n’ roll to unite a group. Watch and learn about Wesley’s passion for Tour Managing, and his love of seeing strangers become fast friends.

Why visit New Orleans


Thanks to its pedestrian-friendly streets and nearly non-stop entertainment, it’s easy to find something to do in New Orleans. The city’s attractions are plentiful and appeal to historians, thrill seekers, foodies and everyone in between. Here’s a short selection of some of New Orleans’ must-see attractions.


From the elegant grounds of Oak Alley Plantation to the iconic steeples of St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans’ signature landmarks are a sight to behold. You’ll see much of the city just by taking a stroll through the French Quarter or riding in a historic streetcar. While in New Orleans, take time to stop and admire these sites.


New Orleans offers a worldly fusion of flavors. The city’s melting pot of cultures is most apparent in its mouthwatering cuisine that features fare ranging from African stews to French desserts. Taste your way through “Crescent City” and try these tasty delights.