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Omni Homestead Resort Dining Room resized

Hotels that are Filled With More than Just History

by Allison Faria

October 31, 2016

3 minute read

Do you crave mysteries and thrill? Today is the perfect time to get in the spooky spirit! The chill of the brisk fall breeze, the haunted attractions, there is certainly something in the air at this time of year.

If you stay in one of the hotels featured on our Historic Hotels tour, the ghosts may choose to come out and play to give you a spooky experience you'll never forget. Four of the seven hotels featured on our hotels tour have been known to be haunted, and one has a spooktacular Halloween celebration each year!

Omni Shoreham Hotel

It is said that the housekeeper of the hotel, Juliette, was feeling ill one morning. When she went to pick up the phone to make a phone call she died instantly of natural causes. Sometime after her death her adopted daughter Helen died mysteriously. Workers and guests to this day claim to have weird encounters in this hotel. It has been said that you see a little girl or lady in a long gown walking the halls. Noise complaints about sounds coming from the old room are quite common. That room has been vacant and is only rented out if the hotel is booked or someone asks for an upgrade to the Ghost Suite. A worker even died while renovating the suite.

Omni Homestead Resort

This hotel is said to be haunted by a bride who was abandoned by her husband who was having second thoughts the day after their wedding. Distraught, she took her own life. Now the 14th floor is claimed to be haunted by her as she roams about asking for the time, still waiting for her husband to return.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Many guests and workers have had paranormal experiences seeing ghosts of soldiers and little children in their photos. Hotel workers also claim that a ghost comes into the office and sits at one of the cubical desks. Being built in 1796, the hotel was built on former sacred healing grounds of Iroquois and Shawnee tribes.

The Equinox

Due to extreme heat in DC in the summer, Abraham’s wife took the family to this Hotel. Unfortunately, Abraham was killed which prevented the family from traveling back to DC. Guests and workers claim they see the wife and young children wandering the hotel. There has also been reported moments of things being moved in guest rooms and lighting issues waking up guests in middle of the night.

*These paranormal activities can indeed be very frightening, especially if happening to you. However, you are not put in harm's way by these spirits.

Tarrytown House

Although this hotel is not haunted, they still know how to get in the Halloween spirit. Enjoy your stay at the beautiful hotel with some interesting twists. During Halloween time enjoy the blaze or horseman’s hollow while on your stay. This is an experience the whole family can enjoy together.

Make your vacation a little spooky this year and try a stay in these haunted hotels!

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