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“Spread the Happy” All Over the World

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by Nicole Diebold

February 04, 2022

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Its slogan is “Spread the Happy” and for nearly 60 years, Nutella® has been doing just that – glazing across pastries and treats in all corners of the globe to add something extra sweet and savoury to breakfasts, desserts and treats. So… what exactly is Nutella®? This thick, chocolatey goodness is actually a sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread that was first introduced in Italy in 1964 by the Ferrero Company.


This product made Michele Ferrero, who died in 2015, the richest man in Italy prior to his death. And it all started because after World War II, there was a shortage of cocoa. Ferrero, who was from Piedmont, a northwestern region of Italy, decided to create a paste that used only a little of the scarce product – cocoa – and utilized more readily-available products: sugar and hazelnuts. Those ingredients mixed with a little bit of cocoa went into that first blend of Nutella® and it was an instant success!


And now: you can find it all over the entire world, used in a variety of ways. Seeing the thick, dark spread mixing with sour, salty and crumbly goodies is one of the fun parts of travel. There seems to be no treat that couldn’t be better with a bit of Nutella® – which is why it seems to be a fixture at so many breakfast buffets in the world.


Here are some of the popular international ways we love to see Nutella® used:


Italy – Gelato

In its home country, it’s common to see the gelato flavour of Nutella® out and about – turning this sweet accompaniment into a refreshing main dish.


France – Crepes

When in Paris, you simply must have warm, tasty crepes for breakfast or a treat – and spreading some Nutella® on it softens the paste into something creamier and richer. And if crepes aren’t your thing, Nutella® is amazing on a warm croissant from a Parisian café.


Australia – Toast Topping

Move over vegemite! In the land “Down Under”, locals spread Nutella® on their toast as a truly sweet way to say ‘G’Day, mate’ and get energized for the day ahead.


Philippines – Pandesal

In the Philippines, there was an all-day Nutella® breakfast food truck. That’s right – it’s chocolate for breakfast all day long with this truly unique experience in Southeast Asia. For the classic pandesal (bread roll), Nutella® is a great palaman (filling) and for the few days this fabulous food truck made its rounds, that was one of its menu items – and one of the ways Nutella® is enjoyed there.


Portugal – Puff Pastries

At a chain Nutella® restaurant, check out these cool little puff patries that are served in an actual tile, drizzled to mouthwatering perfection with Nutella®.


Happy Nutella® Day – how do you like to enjoy this delicacy?


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