A promise kept for 388 years...

In 1633, the villagers of the small hamlet of Oberammergau, Germany made a promise to God: Save us from the plague, and we will perform a Passion Play telling stories of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection every 10 years. The deaths from the plague ceased, and hundreds of years later, the tradition continues with an epic production that brings audiences from all over the world.

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Passion Play Theatre

The first performance of the play took place in 1634 on a simple wooden stage in the village cemetery, above the graves of recent victims of the Plague. In the early 19th century, the performance was moved to the theatre's current location due to the growth in the number of visitors coming to see the play from around the world. The play now takes place in Oberammergau's large, open-air, purpose-built theatre with covered seating so performances can take place whatever the weather.

The auditorium seats around 4,500 people, with the comfortable seats set on an incline, providing everyone with a good view.

Featuring Tours for the 2022 Oberammergau Passion Play

Imperial Cities

with Oberammergau Passion Play

from $5,899 pp*
10 Days • 16 Meals

View Tour

Switzerland and Germany

with Oberammergau Passion Play

from $5,499 pp*
8 Days • 13 Meals

View Tour

Germany's Cultural Cities & the Romantic Road

with Oberammergau Passion Play

from $7,099 pp*
12 Days • 19 Meals

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Exploring the Alpine Countries

with Oberammergau Passion Play

from $7,349 pp*
12 Days • 19 Meals

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Discover Switzerland

with Oberammergau Passion Play

from $4,849 pp*
9 Days • 14 Meals

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Classic Danube River Cruise

with Oberammergau Passion Play

from $7,199 pp*
10 Days • 24 Meals

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Alpine Explorer

with Oberammergau Passion Play

from $7,099 pp*
11 Days • 18 Meals

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October 26, 2021

A Look Into The Oberammergau Passion Play’s Musical Legacy

From the triumphant arrangements of the Main Title to Star Wars to the sentimental piano arrangements of Casablanca’s “As Time Goes By,” music has been used as a tool to elevate the emotional intensity of a performance for decades. Long before Max Steiner and John Williams were tugging at our heartstrings however, Rochus Dedler’s music for The Oberammergau Passion Play was thrilling audiences at every performance. Read More

January 6, 2017

Your Ticket to the 2020 Oberammergau Passion Play

It’s time to get ready. The year 2020 may seem like it’s a long time away, but the tiny Bavarian hamlet of Oberammergau is already preparing for their world-famous Passion Play.   Read More


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