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More about Tokyo, Japan

Travel to Tokyo, where rich tradition and pop culture coexist harmoniously. Tokyo ranks as the most populated city in the world and is a trailblazer for the latest trends in technology, fashion, and design. Set your sights on this exciting Asian metropolis and be prepared for a sensory experience unlike any other.

Why visit Tokyo


Tokyo’s architecture is vast and eclectic, featuring soaring skyscrapers alongside quirky living spaces and centuries-old Imperial palaces. The buildings and religious structures tell the story of Tokyo’s evolution from a small fishing village to a booming, cosmopolitan city. See these architectural forms in all their grandeur when you tour Tokyo.


Tokyo is a bustling metropolis known as Japan’s cultural hub. While Tokyo is teeming with people, it’s easy to get around and see various landmarks throughout the city. Now is the time to explore this fascinating Asian capital.


Like the painted beauty of a geisha, or the ornate structure of a Buddhist temple, the cuisine in Tokyo is artfully prepared and time-honored. The city offers some of the best dining and has more Michelin star restaurants than anywhere else in the world. Get a taste of Tokyo’s true flavors and sample these culinary marvels.