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Estonia showcases a blended culture, with Russia and Latvia at its borders, and Finland and Sweden just across the sea. This Baltic nation is fond of its rural heritage, but its cities offer amazing cultural experiences. Embrace both simple times and complex history as you venture through Estonia. 

Destination Must-Sees

must see 1 parnu


In the northernmost Baltic country, the town of Pärnu, Estonia boasts sunny seaside views. Take in the charming cottages and stunning white-sand beaches of the resort town.

must see 2 tallinn


Take on the capital city of Tallinn. The city is sure to charm you with its medieval avenues, strikingly modern culture, and miles of coastline. Its architecture showcases ages of cultural influence, from an ornate Russian orthodox cathedral, to charming bohemian homes.

must see 3 st olaf

St. Olaf's Church

Embrace the striking views of St. Olaf’s Church, the tallest medieval building in Tallinn. Built during the 12th century, the tower has been hit by lightning 10 times, and rebuilt bigger and better several times.

must see 4 kohtuotsa

Kohtuotsa viewing platform

You’ll find sweeping views of Tallinn’s Old Town from the Kohtuotsa viewing platform atop Toompea Hill. Spot centuries-old spires and modern city buildings. Don’t forget your camera!

Destination Must-Dos

must do 1 bogging


Experience the Estonian pastime of bogging with a local naturalist. Travel through like the locals with special bog shoes or take in the landscape on a stroll along the boardwalk above.

must do 2 open air museum

Estonian Open Air Museum

At the Estonian Open Air Museum, wander through a world where the Middle Ages live on. Explore the area’s rural history through its preserved homes, wooden churches, and timeworn windmills.

must do raeapteek

Peruse the Raeapteek

Raeapteek, also known as Town Hall Pharmacy, is the oldest continuously running pharmacy in Europe. Medicine has changed, but the building has not since the early 15th century. The pharmacy showcases historic medical instruments in a small museum, and has sold strange concoctions like mummy juice, burnt hedgehogs powder, and snakeskin potion through history.

must do 4 marzipan

Taste marzipan

Marzipan is one of the oldest treats of Estonia. Traditionally, artisans craft the sweet almond paste into decorative shapes and figures. There are just a handful of marzipan painters left in the area, so a taste and perhaps a class are musts.

Expert Advice


Diana Ditto

Sr. Director of Product Marketing
expert 1 baltic sea
The best time to visit Estonia is during the summer. The Baltic Sea breeze can drop temperatures dramatically, but summers are short and winters are severe in Estonia. Pärnu and Tallinn are coastal hotspots in the summer.
expert 2 beer
Drink like a local! The Baltics are big on beer. The region has seen an uptick in microbreweries in recent years, and Estonians are very proud of them. A trip to a local brewery is a great addition to an Estonian adventure.
expert 3 nature
Estonian people place a high value on nature and spend most of their free time outdoors in bogs and forests. The best way to get to know the culture is to get outdoors!

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