More about Avignon, France

Nestled in the heart of Southern France you’ll find the quaint city of Avignon. Full of Provençal charm, Avignon is best experienced alongside a local guide, which is why we partner with local experts to show you the UNESCO World Heritage sites, fascinating museums, and holy relics of past and present.

Why visit Avignon


When visiting Avignon, many of our guests say they feel they’ve travelled back in time. Ancient walls still border this city, with fortified towers and religious buildings virtually untouched since their creation. Walking alongside local residents and experts, you’ll gain a profound, new understanding of France’s storied past.


Avignon has been considered holy land for Christians since the Middle Ages. We know that visiting Avignon’s sacred sites is of importance to many of our travellers, so we rely on the expertise of local guides so our travellers walk away moved by Avignon’s divine spirit.


In addition to having a strong past rooted in religion, Avignon has established a rich culture filled with a variety of attractions. From the famous Festival of Avignon, gourmet cuisine and museums, we find that our travellers are often pleasantly surprised by this charming city.