More about Nashville, Tennessee

Discover Nashville, Tennessee, a musical mecca known for producing some of country music’s greatest icons. Stroll through downtown Nashville and you’ll be delighted by the sounds of twangy guitars spilling out from humming honky-tonks. Uncover history and Southern prestige on a visit to the elegant Belle Meade Plantation. See some of the city’s most iconic landmarks like the Parthenon – a full-scale replica of the Grecian original. Nashville’s pleasant sounds and welcoming charm await.


What does Wesley love about America’s Music Cities?

As a Tour Manager, Wesley knows a lot about what brings people together as they travel. And he’s seen that there’s nothing like love of the blues, jazz, and good old rock n’ roll to unite a group. Watch and learn about Wesley’s passion for Tour Managing, and his love of seeing strangers become fast friends.

Why visit Nashville

Music-Inspired Sites

Nashville’s musical legacy is well-established and world-renowned. Whether your interest lies in country’s early roots or catching a performance from today’s up-and-comers, you’ll be moved by the artistry found here. It’s time to see why Nashville is called America’s “Music City.”

Things to Do

Even if you’re a music lover, there’s still so much more to Nashville than rockin’ tunes. From museums and natural spaces to historic monuments and intriguing attractions, this city is sure to keep you busy. This is just a short compilation of things we suggest you do while in Nashville.

Historic Landmarks

In addition to its strong musical heritage, Nashville has a complex past that intrigues many who visit. The city served as a major shipping port, was the home-base of U.S. President Andrew Jackson, set the stage for much of the activism that occurred during the height of the Civil Rights Movement – and those are just some of the highlights. Discover the engaging, rich history of Nashville.