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This long and narrow country offers a variety of different ecosystems to explore. From the world’s most arid desert in the north, lush forests and coastal shores, to the frozen land in the south that is home to penguins, the activities are endless. Whether it’s sighting volcanoes, horseback riding or simply sipping on the world renowned wine, an adventure awaits. Speaking of wine, Chile has many vineyards and over 20 different types of grapes – a wine tasting is a must.

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The original name of this territory was ‘Valley of Paradise.’ It gained popularity due to its prime location and large port. It was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake but managed to preserve its natural charm and history. This is why it is still considered the “Jewel of the Pacific” and is now a thriving colourful seaport that is alive with art and culture.

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Founded in 1541, Santiago is the capital and largest city in Chile. It has been almost completely destroyed by war and natural disaster and rebuilt multiple times. Today, this peaceful location (bordered by miles of vineyards and the Andes mountains) has grown into a flourishing cultural, administrative and financial centre.

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Torres del Paine:

This spectacular national park is internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful, unique, and uncontaminated places on the planet. It has beautiful views of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, forests, and incredible wildlife. The dramatic landscape arises form the turbulent movements of the earth that occurred 12 million years ago.

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Located in the southern end of South America, Patagonia is shared by Argentina and Chile. Chilean Patagonia is the perfect place to take in the rugged coastline, a collage of islands and absolutely stunning scenery. Visitors can be seen riding horseback, cycling, trekking, kayaking and rafting in this romantic, remote getaway.

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It’s good to know that Chile is on 220 V / 50Hz and uses European style 2-prong round plugs or the V prong flat plug.

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Chile can actually get chilly. It covers an area that ranges from tropical in the north all the way down to the windswept tip of the continent.

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Consider our Easter Island extension. It’s a Chilean territory and worth the trip for a chance to explore this remote and mysterious island – home of the iconic moai statues.

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