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Carbon Neutral Travel & Collette: Our Continued Commitment to Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Tourism

by Alyssa Smith

February 05, 2020

2 minute read

The carbon footprint created by the travel industry is a hot button issue that many tour operators are actively trying to combat. That’s because every time you as a traveller take a flight, eat at a restaurant, or stay in a hotel, you’re using energy from fossil fuels, which emit carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide makes its way into the atmosphere, polluting the air and contributing to global climate change.

To help balance out this pollution, the team here at Collette is committed to making a positive impact on the world around us so that travellers like you can have enriching experiences.

One of the biggest commitments we’ve made to reduce our carbon footprint is to ensure all our Small Group Explorations tours become carbon neutral. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with South Pole, a leading provider of global sustainability solutions. Through South Pole, Collette will be investing in four independently verified carbon offsetting projects that are aligned with our goals for sustainable travel. So, each time a guest on a Small Group Explorations tour travels with us, we’ll work with South Pole to offset the carbon they’ve emitted through ground transport, hotel stays, and airfare (even if it wasn’t booked with Collette) through our investments in one of these projects.


One of the projects we’ve chosen to invest in this year is in the Peruvian Amazon. Profitable natural resources – like Brazil nuts – found in the Amazon can provide a sustainable source of income for families of farmers and ranchers living in the surrounding area. However, the deforestation caused by farming and ranching adversely affects the area’s rich biodiversity and contributes to carbon pollution. To help mitigate deforestation, the project works with these farmers to provide modern and cleaner equipment and to share best practices for forest protection.

Travel can be a force for good, and carbon offsetting is just one of the ways we can create a better planet for us all. Carbon offsetting will not solve climate change, but as we and others continue to work towards more solutions, we’ll be sure to share our efforts with you.

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