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Since the early days of Collette, it has been part of our philosophy to give back to communities in need through volunteering and nonprofit support. Simple acts like lending a helping hand to a neighbor or coworker and larger initiatives like spearheading projects around the world to end global hunger are a huge part of the culture at Collette – and a huge part of our identity.


Dan Sullivan Jr., Collette’s CEO, visited Peru in 2006 expecting to be immersed in ancient culture and transformed by its natural wonders. During that meaningful trip, he spent time in a small Peruvian village with children who were incredibly malnourished. Their school lacked basic supplies, making it difficult for them to truly engage in learning. Dan had dedicated his life to traveling and giving back – but he had never brought the two passions together. And so began our global nonprofit: the Collette Foundation.

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“Our team is completely invested in this work. The launch of the Collette Foundation and the work we have been able to do since its inception makes me incredibly proud. The way the team at Collette supports the program makes it a labor of love. We have partnered with global nonprofits to tackle issues facing communities that give us so much. Through grants, we have helped these nonprofits build schools and community centers, fund educations, provide hot meals to those who otherwise might not have one hot meal each day and much, much more. It’s the best of what we do. Together, our employees, travelers and partners can change the world.”


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Our expansive employee volunteer program connects employees in a hands-on way to our mission to help children and communities through hunger and education initiatives. Our employees are true change-makers, taking an active role in making an impact on communities in our backyard and across the globe.

These are a few of the ways our employees have made a positive impact:

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In 2018, employees volunteered more than 6,400 hours of service. Many volunteer with friends or teams to build camaraderie around good deeds and witness how teamwork at its best can have a ripple effect that can positively impact many lives.

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50 employees work on Corporate Social Responsibility teams, helping to launch and operate global programs and drive our mission forward.

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Every employee receives 4 paid hours of volunteer time each month.


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"Receiving four paid hours a month to volunteer is a huge benefit and a motivating factor for really getting involved in the community around me. Volunteering is now something that I look forward to each week. The group I volunteer with has become a tight-knit group of all ages – from high school students to adults. Most of the folks who eat at the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen are regulars and always greet us with a “thank you” for volunteering. We, in turn, always thank them for coming and wish them a good week as they leave. I love knowing that I am making an difference in their lives. They’ve definitely made a difference in mine."



Our tours span across the globe – so that’s where we help. We have projects in Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, Kenya, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, India, and South Africa. We partner with nonprofits that are on the ground in the places we visit to support hunger and education initiatives, especially for children. Every child deserves proper nutrition, access to an education and the opportunity to thrive.


one million meals INITIATIVE

Hunger affects every country in the world and we have made it a central part of our social responsibility mission. In 2016, we set a goal to hit one million meals by our centennial anniversary in 2018. By the end of our 100th year, we exceeded our goal, giving 1.3 million meals. It’s just another way we were able to come together and move one step closer to eradicating world hunger.


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The lead partner of our One Million Meals initiative, Rise Against Hunger has sparked a movement to end hunger and poverty through education and hands-on volunteer experiences locally, which then promotes education and skill-building programs globally. Its vision is to end world hunger by 2030 and we are proud to work together toward this goal. Collette has participated in global meal packaging events in Rhode Island, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Portugal! We hit our goal of donating One Million Meals during Founder’s Day 2018, and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon!


Edesia is based in Rhode Island, where Collette is headquartered. And like us, the work they do touches global communities. Edesia manufactures specialized ready-to-use foods that change lives. Each year, millions of life-saving food packets leave Edesia’s Rhode Island factory and are delivered into the hands of malnourished children all over the world by humanitarian aid workers. We are incredibly proud to partner with Edesia on our One Million Meals initiative.

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