A brand-new program to help you grow your business in a personalized way

This print-on-demand service allows you to send a copy of one of Collette’s brochures to any client with a letter that is personalized with their information and signed by you with your call to action.

With Collette Connection, your client information is confidential: It stays between you, your client, and the brochure fulfillment center. Even better – this exclusive service is at no cost to you! It’s the most convenient way to send high quality brochures for fulfillment to the people you want to reach.

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collette national parks with letter

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Enter your IATA/CLIA/ARC number

Step 2

Select your brochure

Step 3

Enter your client's information on Tab #1, and your information on Tab #2. Once complete, click 'Add to Cart'

Step 4

Proceed to checkout

Step 5

Place Your Order

The brochure will arrive to your client(s) within 7 business days

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